Why UAE celebrates “The Union Day’s Excitement”?

National Day is just around the corner. While some will spend their time to travel, some will stay in their country; they are now calling their homeland; a land to enjoy the holiday festivities. Long weekends are great, and we will all enjoy the extended time off, but what exactly is the significance of National Day in the UAE?

And what is happening in the country to make this a memorable occasion?Residents, as well as tourists, are getting ready by tinting/ coloring their cars as per National Flag of the UAE. Tourists are not owning cars as they must ask from Car rentals in Dubai for a car hire on the esteemed Union Day. So, contact us to get a car to enjoy in this festivities.


What is National Day?

National Day of ‘United Arab Emirates’ is celebrated on 2nd December every year with great amusement and fun. This year 2018, it is the 47th anniversary of UAE’s union day. What does actually the union days resembles like a unity among 7 similar nations of the Gulf region.

This holiday is the sign of the day when 7 emirates come together at Union house as UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE) in 1971. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan was the first president who beholds the reign of the new state as UAE on the globe of the world.

What were those seven states merged as Emirates?

  • Abu Dhabi … The capital of the UAE has many fascinations including Sheikh Grand Zayed Mosques, Ferrari land with a best longest roller coaster and some indoor and outdoor theme parks.
  • Ajman … an emirate that beholds the beauty of cultural fascination like Ajman Museum.
  • Dubai … Standing with a Guinness world record the tallest tower – Burj Khalifah with 830 lengths.
  • Fujairah… is famous for originating the oldest mosques of centuries ago like Al Badiyah Mosque.
  • Ras Al Khaimah … an emirate beholding the captivating highest peaks in the world Jebel Jais with 1934m in height. Its mountain ranges near the border of UAE and Oman.
  • Sharjah … It was once the Capital of Arab times in 1998. Recent modern model is ‘Eye of the Emirates Wheel’ worth visit for all the time.
  • Umm Al Quwain … the emirates whose foundations are underneath the pearl discovery. A state rich in pearl collection and known for it.


What is the UAE’s national hymn (Anthem)?

The National Anthem is IshiBilady in Arabic which is translated in English as “Long Live My Nation” composed and a symphony by Mohammed Abdel Wahhab. Dr Aref Al Sheikh wrote the lyrics just in three days.


Who was the designer of the UAE’s National Flag?

Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah the flag for UAE.


What can you do on National Day?

You can better go to the national parades, live concerts, witness firework displays, pray for your country in mosques, and can roam on the roads calmly in car rallies that are silently enjoying the car ride by waving a flag on top of the cars.

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