Guidelines For The Rental Car Deposit in Dubai

A car rental deposit is a kind of security guarantee for the car owner. By depositing a certain amount of money, the customer shows his intentions to carefully and competently manage the car rental company property. In most cases, paying the deposit is mandatory. Renting a car without a deposit in the UAE is a rarity.

In the article, we will consider what to look for in the car rental agreement, what unforeseeable circumstances can exist, what tricks rental companies use, and how to defend your rights and get back the money deposited.

Why Do You Need A Deposit?

On the website of any car rental Dubai, the main reason for paying a deposit for a car rental is indicated: it is considered a guarantee of the normal handling of the car.

If any defects are found on the body or in the operation of the vehicle after its rental period, then the funds for repairs will be taken from the deposit.

The amount of damage is determined based on a specialized examination, after which an invoice is issued.

How To Avoid Future Problems?

It is best to prevent shortcomings than to deal with them later. In the case of renting a car, it is quite possible to avoid problems with a deposit – you only need to follow the rules below:

  • Carefully study the lease agreement and insurance rules before signing the document and depositing it. A meticulous study will allow you to determine what penalties the company has provided for inaccurate use of the car.
  • Do not rush to go on a trip in a rented car immediately after handing over the keys and documents. Carefully inspect the body and interior in the presence of a company employee, and then enter information about defects in a special acceptance certificate. It is filled in two copies and must be signed by a company representative.
  • Record the amount of fuel in the tank, as the car must be returned to the company with the same fuel level in the tank as when it was issued.
  • In an accident or other incident, be sure to act in accordance with the law. Take pictures of the damage if possible.
  • When returning the car, get the appropriate document indicating the delivery without damage. The document must contain the signature of an employee of the rental company.
  • Keep the documents and receipts you received when renting a car for at least a month.

Ways To Deceive Customers By Rental Companies

Finding a responsible and reliable car rental is a blessing. Otherwise, you will run into many pitfalls in cooperation with the company and will not get the deposit back for the car rental. Below we will present the most common options for defrauding customers.

Complicated Contract

The rental company’s trick is presenting a complicated contract with many crucial details hidden. This method has existed for a long time, but customers still fall for such a trick. Items containing information about additional fees and unreasonable fines are hidden in a mass of secondary information.

Tank Fill Mark

The vast majority of rental companies require the customer to return the car with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental. However, the receiver may intentionally forget to indicate the amount of fuel in the tank in the acceptance certificate. If it is not enough, then the client will be fined.


Any dent or old scratch not recorded when renting can lead to a large fine. Sometimes car rental companies include damage insurance in the rental price. This also needs to be considered carefully.

Lack Of Information

If the price of the vehicle is too high, then in the event of an accident, you, as a renter, will pay a much larger fine. Be sure to check the availability of accurate information about the car’s value.

Car Return Time

A simple but no less effective way to fine a client. The return time must be specified in the contract. At the same time, even for a 10-minute delay, a significant fine can be charged, the amount of which may exceed the daily rent.


The return of the deposit depends entirely on your vigilance. It is possible to prevent the problem at the beginning of the contract with a car rental company. The main recommendation is to follow simple tips for the customers, carefully read the agreement and be aware of the tricks that dishonest companies can use. In case of non-return of the deposit, it is necessary to act. First, send a claim to the company; if it is rejected, go to court and defend your rights.

Rental Cars UAE provides services of low-cost car rental in Dubai. The company has been operating in the market for a long time, and for such a long time, there has not been a single complaint from customers.

In addition, our rental agreement is drawn up very carefully, which guarantees the procedure’s safety for both the company and the client. A refund of the deposit is guaranteed when renting a car from us.

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