How to Pay Traffic Fines Online?

You can use the RTA (Road & Transport Authority) website to pay your traffic fines online. Visit the official RTA website and navigate to the Service tab. 

From here, click on the Driver & Car Owner Services menu. Next, filter through the payment options and click ‘Pay’ to open the ‘Pay Vehicle Fines’ webpage. 

4 simple steps to pay fines through RTA

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and you will be navigated to the traffic fine payment webpage. From this point, follow the simple steps below to complete your transaction:

Step One: Enter your License number, plate number, traffic file number, traffic code number, or plate number and provide the required details. Next, click on the ‘Search’ button.

Step Two: Select the specific fines you want to pay after your details have been displayed on the page. Next, click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step Three: Enter your birth year confirmation and traffic file number.

Step Four: Choose your preferred payment method and provide your valid GCC credit card or debit card details.

The notification for the successful transaction will be displayed on your screen after the payment completion. Copy out the payment request reference number to show proof of your payment.

5 steps to pay fines through Dubai Police

To pay your traffic fines through the Dubai Police website, navigate to the home page and click on the Service tab. Choose your preferred option for traffic payment and select the ‘Access Service’ option. From this page, follow the simple steps below to complete the transaction:

  • Step One: Enter your plate number, traffic code number, or driving license, and other required details.
  • Step Two: Go through the fines’ details and click on ‘Pay Now’.

Step Three: You will be redirected to the next page and from here, you need to confirm your email address and registered mobile number to get the activation code.

Step Four: Enter the activation code and click on ‘Next’. Verify the amount and select your preferred payment method.

Step Five: Provide your debit or credit card information and click the ‘Complete Payment’ button.

You will receive the notification of a successful transaction after completing the payment. 

Traffic fine discounts in 2021

Depending on when you are paying your fines, you may be qualified for a traffic fines discount in 2021. It is recommended that you wait and shop around different payment platforms to see if there is any that is offering a discount on fine payments.

There are two major ways to pay traffic fines online. However, motorists can also use other options, such as WallStreet Exchange, Dubai Police Smart Apps, mPay, Max Box, IVR, and RTA Kiosks. You can also visit the Dubai Police offices to pay the fines. By following some tips, you can avoid traffic fines too.

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