Top Five Items Most People Forget to Pack

The idea of packing for a road trip or overnight stay is both fun and stressful. Some people require to make a check-list while some know it at the back of their head. Either way, the stress still remains. And more often than, it is easy to forget the essentials even after having a checklist. Here we discuss the top five items that most people tend to forget, as per a research conducted.

Emergency Snacks

Shocker? Yes, we thought so too! You might be wondering how can anyone forget snacks? Well, the thing is, since we are so busy packing the essentials, we tend to take this thought lightly. In fact, most people are found buying them on the way, either when making a pit stop or after leaving their home. We suggest, carrying items such as granola bars, nuts and other such perishable snacks, that can easily be stored in your rental car Dubai. You can then either have them on the way or after you reach your destination.

Water Bottle

We all know water is important. But most people don’t even consider carrying it because it is easily available at any grocery store or even a restaurant. However, what most people don’t realize is the amount they can save by just carrying a bottle. In fact, people can now refill their bottle while on-the-go as Dubai has launched several new water stations across the city. The best part is you get fresh drinking water without any charge. You could instead use the money for other expenses including refueling your rental car. Yes, the comparison may not be accurate but if you take into consideration the overall amount spent, it comes to the price of at least getting a half liter fuel.


Post pandemic, everyone is now seen carrying a hand sanitizer. While it was important earlier as well, it is now considered an essential. However, the reason most people forget it is because they assume it to be available everywhere. But that might not be the case. Depending on the number of people, you must remember to carry one. You could also opt for a smaller bottle, that can easily be placed in your rent a car. It makes it accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Travel Documents

While this may not be important when traveling inter-city, it is important when driving to places like Oman. Print copies of your passport and other documents before you go or email yourself images to keep with you in your carry-on bag. This further simplifies and quickens the process.

Power Bank

Cell phone chargers are essential, yet they are simple to neglect when packing. In order to prevent this expensive catastrophe, keep portable chargers for smartphones and smart gadgets like iPads, Kindles, and other digital devices in your tote bag, briefcase, glove box, or baggage. These little devices are battery-powered, so if your device dies while you’re out sight-seeing or running errands, they can still supply power.

In Conclusion

It takes some practice to master the art of packing. Add these frequently overlooked items to your packing list and take care of as many details as you can in advance to prevent forgetting during the last-minute rush. We hope this article takes away the stress involved when packing for your next road trip or overnight stay.

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