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Rent a Car from Media City Dubai 

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Media City was established in 2000 by the government of Dubai to help boost the media base. It has become a regional hub for news agencies, publishing, online media, and broadcast facilities.  

In Media City Dubai, a large open-air amphitheater hosts international music performers and food festivals. In addition, many alfresco cafes offer specialty teas and global fare in Dubai Media City Park. Media City also draws students from the nearby American University in Dubai.

Cheap Car Rentals in Dubai Media City

If you need a last-minute car rental, hire a car from media city Dubai. An economy car is the Chevrolet Aveo LS. This car holds four people, has unlimited mileage, and is available at

A compact car to rent in Dubai is a Nissan Sunny or something similar. The Sunny holds five people, has unlimited mileage and is available from Budget for AED 78 per day.

If you want a luxury vehicle, rent a luxury SUV Toyota Prado that holds seven people. 

What do you need to Rent a Car in Dubai Media City? 

There are different rental needs from different renal agencies in Media City Dubai, but generally, you will need your driver’s license and a credit card in your name. In addition, you will need proof of alternative coverage if you decide not to take the agency’s insurance.

Canceling your Rental Car

Read the rental documents to check the cancellation policy. Most prepaid rentals will offer you a full refund if you inform the agency more than six hours in advance that you are not picking up the car. However, there are some exclusions, so you will need to read your contract.

Road Trips from Your Location 

Dubai Media City has plenty of destinations to visit. However, if you wish to travel out of Media City, you will find many different sightseeing destinations.

Outside of Dubai Media City are Yas Marina Circuit, Yad Waterworld, and Yas Mall. These are in Abu Dhabi and about 62 miles or 100 km from Dubai Media City.

You can also see the fun city of Al Ain. Located 68 miles from Dubai Media City, you will see the Al Ain Zoo,  Hili Fun City, and Al Ain Mall. 

Driving Conditions

When you hire a car in Dubai, remember that you can drive on the right side of the road. However, traffic rules are different than where you may live, so watch the road signs.

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