Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai
Cheapest rental car in Dubai
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (2)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (13)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (12)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (8)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (3)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (4)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (5)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (15)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (14)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (11)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (10)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (9)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (1)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (6)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai
Cheapest rental car in Dubai
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (2)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (13)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (12)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (8)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (3)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (4)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (5)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (15)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (14)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (11)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (10)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (9)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (1)
Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai (6)
  • AED 1800 / MonthAED 1550 / Month
  • AED 350 / WeekAED 370 / Week
  • AED 100 / DayAED 60 / Day

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  • Overview

  • FAQs

  • Reviews


  • Engine Size 1.2 L

  • Luggage 2

  • Doors 4

  • Seats 5

  • Monthly KM 3000

  • Weekly KM 800

  • Daily KM 200

  • Security Deposit 0

  • Excess Claim 1500

  • Delivery & Pickup Charged

  • Delivery Time 30 Mins

  • Cancellation Charged


  • Bluetooth
  • Parking Sensors
  • Reverse Camera
  • Apple Car Play
  • Android Car Play
  • Cruise Control
  • USB
  • LCD Screen
  • FM Radio
  • Power Mirrors
  • Remote Door Lock
  • Navigation
  • ABS
  • Power Windows
  • Air Bags
  • Stereo MP3/CD


Suzuki Swift vs Toyota Yaris Vs Kia Picanto

Description Suzuki Swift Toyota Yaris Kia Picanto









1.2 L

1.5 L

1.2 L

Horse Power

82 Hp 105 Hp

84 Hp


113 Nm

136 Nm

122 Nm

Tank Capacity

37 L

40 L

35 L

Max Speed

165 Km/h

175 Km/h

161 Km/h


12.3 sec

11.0 sec

13.7 sec


16.1 Km/L

18.9 Km/L

16.7 Km/L

Power Steering




Trunk Space

295 L

286 L

255 L





Keyless Entry




Parking Sensors




Cruise Control




Reverse Camera




Ground Clearance

163 mm

130 mm

141 mm


Rent Suzuki Swift in Dubai

The Suzuki Swift is an iconic car in the automotive world and has been around since the late 90’s. The Swift is a smaller yet still spacious car. It is the perfect example of a reliable, efficient, and affordable vehicle. 

Highlights and Features

It’s no surprise that the Suzuki Swift has become one of the most popular cars in the market. Its sleek design, comfortable interior, and impressive safety features make it a top choice to rent a car in Dubai


The Swift comes with five models: GL, GLS, GLX, GLX+, and RS. Each variant has a different level of luxury and performance capabilities. However, all five are full of features for a comfortable and enjoyable drive.


As far as powertrains go, Suzuki offers three engine choices:

  • a 1.2L Dual jet engine (GL/GLS only)
  • a 1.0L Booster jet Turbo (GLX+/RS only)
  • a 1.4L K14C petrol engine (GLX+/RS only)

All three engines are excellent at fuel economy while also delivering reliable performance.

Drive comfort:

In terms of drive comfort, the Swift delivers a pleasant driving experience thanks to its sophisticated suspension design and driver-focused ergonomics.

Lightness and strength:

Lightness and strength are two key components of enhanced performance in the Swift. With an all-new lightweight platform giving it excellent agility without compromising on safety or stability.

Total Effective Control Technology:

TECT helps reduce noise levels and vibration while increasing interior space. This advanced system improves fuel economy, engine response times, acceleration, handling stability, ride comfort, braking power, and more. 


The interior is designed with comfort in mind; soft-touch materials on seats ensure maximum comfort during long rides. So that you can reach your destination refreshed and relaxed after every journey.


The Suzuki Swift offers generous space throughout the cabin for passengers as well as their luggage.


The Bluetooth-compatible audio system ensures wireless connectivity with other devices. It offers easy streaming of music or taking phone calls without having to hold a device up to your ear. 


The exterior of the Suzuki Swift is equally impressive. Its distinctive shape including sharp lines, eye-catching curves, bright colors, and signature grille, gives off an overall sporty look.

Floating roof design:

The floating roof design adds to the aesthetics of the exterior while helping reduce drag at higher speeds and improve aerodynamics. 

Safety features:

Safety is a top priority with the Suzuki Swift. It offers features such as:

  • Airbags throughout the cabin
  • ABS brakes for controlled stopping power
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)
  • Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)


Overall, the Suzuki Swift is a great car choice for anyone looking to rent a car in Dubai, that is loaded with luxury and performance capabilities.


What is the engine size of Suzuki Swift?

What is the horsepower of Suzuki Swift?

What is the cabin size and trunk space of Suzuki Swift?

How do you connect Apple and Android car play of Suzuki Swift?

How many colors are available Suzuki Swift?

What are the features in Suzuki Swift?


Ajeabi WilsonAjeabi Wilson
11:02 30 Mar 23
Experience was great with this service rental. The rates were a little higher than expected but I was encouraged to go for it if I need a car without complaints. Most bad reviews come from cheap and old models. I had read the reviews before and felt like no way but, the overall experience was also awesome. Thanks to Deva who was ver open and answered all my queries. I don’t know how the refund deposit will work as many people complain but so far I’m good.I had the Hyundai Accent. It’s amazing & I’ll have it all over again. Thank u Deva🤝
Lucas alexis GarrotLucas alexis Garrot
14:36 03 Jan 23
Very good experience. Price was affordable, and the car was received in perfect condition. All the staff were very helpful, and I encourage anyone considering to use their cars to proceed without hesitation.
I recently rented a car from a rental car company and overall had a good experience. The process of reserving and picking up the car was straightforward and efficient.The staff at the rental counter were friendly and helpful. I was able to find a competitive rate for the specific dates I needed.
Ibrahim HijaziIbrahim Hijazi
06:46 02 Jun 22
I just needed an inexpensive rental to use for work while I’m working on waiting for my ordered car to arrive and the prices were the best of all the rental companies I checked. I was impressed with the flexible and quick service. They delivered the vehicle to my place within 30 minutes of payment and even upgraded to a bigger vehicle for the same price. Will provide an update to the review once my rental is over.
James BJames B
18:22 30 May 22
Excellent and friendly service at a very competitive price. We will be happy to use them again. super service.
15:14 30 May 22
Great car hire deals, Helpful staff. Excellent service and are very professional. Will definitely use them again. great job.
Reese ValareiReese Valarei
12:33 26 May 22
Rented from a very nice fellow. Spoke very good English. Very helpful. Car was new. Process was quick and easy. excellent service.
Duddukunta SreedharDuddukunta Sreedhar
02:57 26 Mar 22
I was amazed to see that they can find any car at the lowest price. William helped me in finding a Range Rover with a red interior. I was given a comparison from all the top rental companies including Thrifty, Dollar, Budget and Hertz. The entire process was smooth and payment was done online. I received the car after 45 minutes once booking was confirmed. The drivers were friendly and made sure I was satisfied. Overall, I would hire from them again as my security was refunded within 7 days even though they said it takes about 14 days.
Maurice ConnaughtonMaurice Connaughton
23:03 02 Mar 22
I was looking for a Range Rover and Dale helped me in finding a fairly new car. We were happy with the vehicle and the agent called to confirm if we got the car on time. They are flexible in returning the car as their drivers came to pick it up from our place. Overall, good experience and no extra charges.

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