Dodge Challenger Car Specs, Reviews and Price in the UAE

When looking for a vehicle in the UAE, you need to know that the local economy is still thriving. That’s why the Dodge Challenger car price in UAE is a lot more different than that in other Gulf countries or European ones.

This vehicle is one of the most respectful ones and gives you the chance to drive around the county safely and fast. Especially when you are in Dubai, picking this car is a wise decision. Let’s find out more about this cool car.

Automatic Transmission

The vehicle is a rear-wheel-drive that offers drivers all the passion and anxiety of riding a sports vehicle. You may also see the new transmission when you check this vehicle inside out. The company removed the manual transmission to give you full-throttle power only by pressing your leg on the gas pedal.

The automatic transmission gives the signal to the engine to work harder, and the change of gears happens in less than milliseconds to provide you with the optimal speed on the road.

Fuel Consumption

People who don’t care about the Dodge Challenger car price could not even worry about its elevated fuel consumption. However, the gas price in the UAE is one of the lowest in the world, so it’s one of the least expenses that will make you worried when you buy such a vehicle.

The vehicle has an estimated fuel economy that may exceed 9lt per 100km, which is among the highest you will see. On the other side, the Dodge Challenger car price in UAE (close to 130,000 UAE dirham) is not an issue for the buyers; it would always be good to know the engine’s consumption to make arrangements.

Not A Family Car

Dodge Challenger is not suitable for big families. It’s always better to have this dream car when you are young and free going anywhere to amuse yourself with your other half.

The vehicle is also great if you want to show yourself off to others in the busy streets of Dubai, where other people would be eager to know that you have the money to buy and support such a vehicle.

Less Maintenance Needed

Dodge has finally managed to present a vehicle that needs less maintenance than others. That kind of vehicle is the one you will have if you decide to purchase that Challenger vehicle.

You only need to change the synthetic oil once every 15,000 km, which is very good if you think that the UAE has a hot and sandy atmosphere that aggravates the engine’s function. That maintenance costs even less when upgrading your warranty whenever you buy the Dodge Challenger vehicle.  

New Tires and Perfect Aerodynamics

You will have the chance to admire the new tires available for the Dodge Challenger. These tires offer the highest grip of all time and allow you to go over the UAE without issues.

Additionally, you have the chance to admire the perfect aerodynamics of this vehicle. Mechanics tried hard to create a car that would have less resistance to the air and would consume less petrol than any other version you have driven so far.

The combination of the new aerodynamic body and the impressive tires give you the chance to ride it anywhere in the country, no matter the temperature of the road and the sandy conditions. It’s a real tribute to the driver!


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