Everything About Al Thuraya Astronomy Center

The UAE is a country full of surprises. In Dubai, you may find the Al Thuraya astronomy center one of the best places you need to visit when in the country.

It was founded in 2000, making it the most current and new telescope in the Gulf region. Among others, the building keeps on being monumental and is the center of the action for all tourists coming to Dubai. 

It Is One of the Newest Astronomy Centers in The Gulf

If you visit Dubai with your kids, it would be necessary to enter the Al Thuraya astronomy center close to the city’s busy streets. That place not only has one of the biggest telescopes in the area, but it’s also closer to the equator giving you a splendid view of the stars all year round.

It’s safe to enter there since all the protocols for the COVID-19 non-proliferation are respected and enforced to the fullest extent.

The big theatre can accommodate more than 100 persons and give them a picture of the night sky, the best attraction at Al Thuraya astronomy center.

To Educate Children

People living in the UAE are always eager and willing to educate their children about astronomy. That’s why the best place to do so would be the Al Thuraya astronomy center that is close to Dubai and can give them a thorough and precise review of the stars visible from the Gulf area.

Schools constantly organize excursions to this center, making it pleasant for pupils to attend and be happy with the new knowledge they get.

Founders of the astronomy center are always willing to attract new segments of the population; that’s why they have the best possible equipment for their telescopes.

The Observation Telescope Is Huge

It’s important to know that Al Thuraya astronomy center has one of the most impressive observation telescopes in the world. It’s one of the main reasons to visit the Emirates and stay there longer.

The telescope is potent enough to view all the constellations seen by that part of the world and even far beyond. It passes through constant upgrades to ensure that it has the right capacities to show stars and planets beyond the frontiers of our solar system.

Recently Sheikh Mohammad has inaugurated the new chamber where people can gather and check the new constellations using the improved telescope lenses.

Al Thuraya Center Is Part Of The Mars Landing Program

For all the UAE visitors, it’s good for them to know that Al Thuraya astronomy center is part of the international Mars landing program. That program makes it possible for people from many countries to participate in the first team that will land on the red planet.

The center advertises this to ensure that all people from the UAE admire the scientific supremacy of the center.

In Al Thuraya, you can check the progress of scientists who follow the conditions on Mars and can give you their exact predictions about how humans could go there and inhabit the deserted planet.

The center is situated in a busy building that can accommodate thousands of people simultaneously. Many new developments advertise the astronomy center to other countries, and it has been a significant point of attraction for all people who visit Dubai.

The astronomy center has a frequent connection with the busy city center, and there are a lot of parking slots to ensure a smooth experience for all visitors who prefer to go there using their own vehicle.

The tickets are also affordable for all tourists and free to some locals. It’s also open during all days of the week except national and religious holidays.


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