Can a Foreigner Rent a Car in Dubai?

Dubai is among the top destinations for tourists due to its fascinating infrastructures, beautiful desert landscapes, big hotels, and amazing resorts. Therefore, the demand for car rental services in this city has always been increasing, and you might want to hire one when traveling there. But is it possible to rent a car in Dubai as a foreigner? Yes, it is possible. The rules changed recently, and today anyone with a visit visa can drive a rental car or any car registered in the UAE.

All you need to rent a car in Dubai is a valid international driving license, your passport, and a driver’s license from your home country. However, travelers from Denmark, Norway, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Austria do not need an international driving license. Still, you will not need an international driving license if you are from United States, Sweden, Romania, Finland, Portugal, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, or Japan.

Renting a Car as a Foreigner in Dubai

Dubai has a great road network, and a rental car will easily help you move from one point to another. Rental car companies provide a wide range of cars to match the needs of many travelers. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a rental car.

– The Minimum Age Limit

For you to drive a vehicle in Dubai, you must be over 18 years. However, rental companies will require you to be over 21 years of age to rent a car. Moreover, you cannot rent some car models, such as Ferraris, if you are less than 25 years old.

The Minimum Age Limit for renting a car in dubai

– Do Not Venture Outside the UAE

The laws of the UAE do not allow you to take a rental car out of the country. If you must do that, you will need to get a permit from the relevant authorities. Further, you will have to follow all the legal procedures allowing you to drive the vehicle outside the UAE. Failure to follow the laid-out procedures can land you in jail.

– Understand the Insurance Policy

When renting a car in Dubai as a foreigner, you must check the insurance policy. The insurance policy will not cover you if you damage the rented car or if it is stolen unless the policy covers that. So, check the details to avoid bad surprises.

Even more, you will have to check the condition of the car before you start driving it. Ensure that the car is not damaged on its exterior and the interior is in good condition. Check whether the lights, windscreen wipers, and the air-conditioner are working properly. That will eliminate the chances of renting a vehicle that is already damaged.

Some car rental companies in Dubai offer insurance policies that cover accidents and damages. The policies are a perfect choice when renting one of the expensive models because they will cover almost every scenario.

– Security Deposits

Most rental companies will require paying a security deposit before you drive any of their vehicles. You can pay the deposit in cash or ask the company to deduct it from your credit card. After paying the deposit, you will proceed to sign the rental contract.

– Accident and Breakdown Policy

The law requires you to report any accident to the police, particularly if the rental is damaged. Besides, you will have to inform the rental car company immediately. Failure to do that will lead to you paying for all damages, including when it was not your fault.

If the rental car has any deficiencies or does not run as expected, you will have to inform the company to repair it or provide you with another car. Otherwise, they may require you to pay the repair costs. Keep in mind that most renters’ insurance policies cover body damages.

– Traffic Fines Policies

The car rental company will deduct all traffic fines from the security deposit. And because the authorities generate the traffic fines several days after the recording of the incident, the company will hold the deposit several days after you return the car. Salik, an electronic toll collection system, allows you to travel without stopping to pay the toll charges. It also handles most traffic fines, and it is the system responsible for making traffic charges.

– Charges for the Extras

The price of rental cars in Dubai varies according to the car model and the number of days you want to keep the car. Furthermore, if you need any extras such as a navigational device, additional driver, or a child seat, you should be ready to pay more.

– The Rental Terms and Conditions

Remember to read the terms and conditions of any car rental before signing the contract. Failure to do that may lead to many issues and unnecessary charges. In addition, reading the terms and conditions will help you enjoy a smooth trip.

The Rental Terms and Conditions

– Check the Fuel Policy

Vehicle rental suppliers offer an optional full fuel tank policy. After choosing this policy, they will deliver the car to your preferred destination with a full fuel tank. However, you will have to refill the tank to the same level when returning it. Therefore, it is always good you check the fuel level to avoid spending money on what you did not use. Also, remember to refuel the car at the fuel station nearest to the drop-off location.

When to Book for Your Rental Car During Your Travel to Dubai

When traveling to Dubai, search for the best car rental on the internet. Select the rental day, the return day, and the car type. Further, you will have to choose whether you will need the car for a one-way trip or a round trip. Finally, choose the extras you need, such as a GPS and a child seat. You can book a rental car several days before you land in Dubai, but you will not always get the car you want.


Public transportation is convenient in Dubai. However, you will need a rental car to reach many areas. A cheap rental car will help you reach the beaches and desert landmarks. Further, it will allow you to travel at any time and discover hidden spots. Furthermore, you can stop at any place if a need arises. That would be impossible with public transportation. Lastly, you will only require your passport, credit card, and driver’s license to rent a car.

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