Car Rental Benefits in Dubai

if you just came to Dubai and feel like going out, you will not be able to achieve as much as you thought.  Wished you brought your car to Dubai with you, but you could not. You ditch checking out those nice spots for dropping your shopping at your place.

Have only a week in Dubai, and getting around all the places you would have loved to see begins to look not very doable. Because it might cost quite a bit to take a taxi everywhere. The bus ride really seems to limit your movement. The only next sensible option would be to hire a car.


Benefits of Rent a Car in Dubai

Driving a hired car is like driving your own car, only that you do not own, and would be returning it. There are no restrictions on public transport, you can drive straight from your house to any where you need to go. You make as many stops as you want without paying any extra fares because you are not taking another bus or taxi. You really do have a lot of fun at minimal transportation costs.

In Dubai, hiring a car is of more benefit because:

  • Gas is cheap
  • Mall Parking lots are free
  • The roads are very good
  • You can hire a luxury car just for the fun of it


Other benefits

Some other benefits of hiring a car are:

  • You get to go where you want to go directly, straight from your apartment or hotel to your destination.
  • You have freedom of renting and returning the car to the rentals anytime you want.
  • If the weather changes suddenly, you are safe in the car, and not out on the street trying to get public transportation, or trying to stop at your bus stop.
  • The cost of registration and maintenance of the car is on rent a car company.
  • You can easily change cars if you want to. If you need a bigger car or a trip to the safari, you can hire a different one. Or if you need a fancier car next time for that treat you always wanted to give yourself, you can simply hire it.
  • You are not stuck with only one type of car.


Types of vehicles for rent

We offer a wide variety of cars from which you can choose – regular to luxury cars. The type of car you rent in Dubai is usually based on the purpose for which you need it.

Here is some very basic information on cars that you can hire in Dubai:

For regular driving a salon car is just fine. This option is good if you are alone, have only one or two people with you, or not much luggage. If you have family or friends you should to hire a bigger car for them and luggage.

For trips to the safari, as part of your holiday must-dos, you should hire a 4×4 that is fit for driving on the desert sand. Do have in mind that if you are not experienced in this, you may want to take someone who is experienced. Hire a luxury car if you want to give yourself a treat, after all you deserve it. It definitely costs more, so save it for that treat or that special occasion.


Things to Check before renting a car in Dubai

It would be good to check a few things about the car, to avoid bad experiences.

  • You need to check that the vehicle you want has all its papers intact.
  • Check whether the car companies allow you to cross the borders as some do not allow it.
  • Be sure that the car GPS tracker is working well, otherwise you may go off-routes
  • Also check that features like the air conditioning, cruise control, and so on are intact.
  • If you choose a small car, be sure that it would fit luggage as specified.



Whether it is your first time in Dubai or you are a tourist who loves to take a fun trip to Dubai every now and then. You can hire a car to ease your movement around the city. From the types of cars for hire, pick one that suits your purpose and affordable. Remember to get necessary driving license that you would be needing to be able to drive as a foreigner in Dubai.

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