Kia Seltos vs. Hyundai Creta: What are the Differences?

Apart from being in the same category and having identical engines and transmissions, there are few similarities between these two cars. In terms of design, features, and performance, both rides are a world apart.

As far as design goes, the Seltos can best be described as a sporty car, while the Creta is more of an adventurous vehicle in terms of design. This post provides a clear comparison for Kia Seltos vs. Hyundai Creta.

Kia Seltos vs. Hyundai Creta: The Mechanisms

Both are powered by the same transmission and engine combo, and they both feature multi-drive modes and traction control settings.

The Hyundai Creta takes the step a notch higher with the paddle-shifters, which gives the ride a great catch. If you are wondering about Creta vs. Seltos which is better, the answer would be about your preference.

Comparison of Exterior

In looks, the Seltos is sportier and it features the signature Tiger nose grille and, of course, a beautiful ‘GT’ badge. The headlamps are LED and look pretty sleek.

The bonnet contributes to the sporty looks and the DRL that sweeps across the grille, the youthful-looking rear end, and the sporty roofline all add to the general dynamic design of the Seltos. The Hyundai Creta, on the other hand, is a different ball game altogether. Its front is dominated by a big grille.

It also features a two-tier LD tail light that adds to its style.

Comparison of Interior

Let us explore the interior of both vehicles. Like the exterior, the interior of both SUVs is different. The Kia Seltos features a more modern dash design with an instrument binnacle and infotainment system that are merged into one.

The infotainment system is well-loaded with eight Bose speakers. When you compare Kia Seltos versus Hyundai Creta in terms of interior design, the Seltos has a sportier interior while the Creta’s can best be described as matured.

The general layout of the Creta is different with the infotainment system sitting at the center of the console. It is big and provides excellent value. You will also find different connectivity features like the ones in the Seltos but the Creta has a voice commands feature. The instrument panel is conservative but very rich in the display. In terms of space, both rides offer great storage space and legroom.

Performance Comparison

The engine of Kia Seltos is very smooth has a 1500 RPM that makes it more attractive. The acceleration is faster and brisker compared to Creta. It goes beyond giving a sporty feel but the ride is more of a fast car.

Lets talk about Hyundai Creta now that is more of a gentleman. It feels smoother on the go and calmer. The SC performance is also well monitored to provide better comfort and efficiency.


The Creta is not one of the SUVs you would ignore even if you do not like it. If you want power, you can get it with the Seltos and if it is a silent and comfortable drive that you want, trust the car to give it to you. Overall, both vehicles are great but when it comes to comparison, it mostly depends on your preference.

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