What kind of cars can you rent in Dubai?

In Dubai, you will notice that the car rental sites have all kinds of cars ranging from compacts to pickups, SUVs, premiums, minivans, and many others. It doesn’t matter the kind of trip you choose to take, there is always a car and a rental company with a good deal for it.

When choosing a car to rent in Dubai, you have to select a car that suits your purposes of traveling. For example, if your plan is to tour around the city, you could rent a safe and fast car. If you are not planning a boring one, maybe you want some dune bashing, a sturdy 4×4 is your best choice. We have introduced four categories of cars for four different kinds of plans.

City Trooper

For this, we recommend an economical or mini car. You all might think everything in Dubai is expensive but you have guessed wrong. You can get a budget-friendly rental deal for a car if you decide to live in town and have plans of exploring the city in the comfort of your car. Smaller cars consume less fuel, so good news for your budget. So, a car like Kia Picanto can be a good option for your trip. 

Off-Road Desert Adventure

Do you plan on having fun? Do you plan on riding around the Dubai Dunes? We suggest you get a sturdy 4×4 for this purpose. This might be the most fun part of Dubai for those that enjoy it though. Although there is a catch when driving off-road, you could get lost so you might need some experience for this. It is important to get some experience because you are most likely to get lost as a newbie.

Family Vacation

This is very common in Dubai, most people come in with their family and plan road trips to the other parts of the UAE. For this, you would need a medium or large car. There are many cars in this range and you can pick any option as per your criteria. You could also go for a fast car if your budget allows it.

Like A Boss

You would require a luxury car for this. Let’s say you want to chill and flex like a boss, this is the category to be in. Yes, it is more expensive but if your budget allows it, this is something that could turn out to be much more exciting than you think.

Best kind of car to rent in Dubai (for the month of August):

August is a period in the year that has an average temperature of 86.9°F and precipitation is 0.4. A convertible would be best for you if you are visiting Dubai during this period. It gives you the chance to move around and view the area without thinking about what the weather looks like. However, it is always good to check the weather forecast because you can never be too sure. The forecast would help you determine what kind of car would suit your movement.




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