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Rolls Royce Price, Specs, Reviews, and Models in UAE
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Rolls Royce Price, Specs, Reviews, and Models in UAE

When looking for a high-end luxury car with exceptional performance, Rolls Royce is often on the top list. Known for its front grille design and “Spirit of Ecstasy” ornament, the Rolls Royce is a well-known brand across the world. It is a true symbol of power and wealth, and not just anyone can own one. 

Modern Rolls Royce comes with detailed components and refinements both interior and exterior, and they feature some of the latest technology and state-of-the-art safety features. The ride delivers exceptional smooth handling and fast acceleration and on the whole, it is the perfect ride for pure luxury and bliss for the road. 

Are you a Rolls Royce lover? Read this post to learn more about its models, specifications, prices, and reviews of the brand.

What Models of Rolls Royce Vehicles are Available in UAE?

Rolls Royce currently has five models being sold in the UAE. The brand has two sedans, two Coupes, and one SUV. These modern models are:

Specifications of Different Models:

As mentioned, Rolls Royce has five models available for sale in the UAE. Each has its specifications, which determine the performance and price. Let us look at each of them with their features

  • Wraith: This model of Rolls Royce is available in a Petrol engine in the United Arab Emirates. It comes in three variants with an engine specification of 6592cc. It is available only in automatic transmission. The model is a 4-seater Coupe with a length of 5285 mm in length and 1947 mm in width with a wheelbase of 3112 mm.
  • Phantom: The Phantom is a modern sedan and it comes in four variants. It is available with only automatic transmission and is offered in a petrol engine within the borders of the UAE. It is a 5-seater Sedan with a 5982 mm length and 2018 mm width and a 3772 mm wheelbase. It also features a 571-horsepower.
  • Ghost: This is another Sedan offered in a petrol engine across the UAE. It comes in five different variants and it is available in automatic transmission only. It is a 5-seater luxury Sedan with a length of 5399 mm and 1948 mm in width. Its wheelbase is also 3295 mm.
  • Cullinan: This model is an SUV with a petrol engine. It has only one variant in the UAE and is delivered with automatic transmission. The Rolls Royce Cullinan is a 5-seater with a 5341 mm length and 2164 mm width. Its wheelbase is 3295 mm and it features a 563-horsepower in terms of power.
  • Dawn: This is a 4-seater Coupe and it is available in automatic transmission and petrol engine in the UAE. It comes in two variants and measures 5285 mm in length and 1947 mm in width. Its wheelbase is 3112 mm and its power delivery is measured at 579-horsepower.

How much is each Rolls Royce Model?

To start with, many things determine the criteria for purchasing a Rolls Royce. It is not just about having the money. However, it is important to know about its price if you desire to buy one. Following are the prices of different models: 

  • Rolls Royce Wraith: AED 1.41 million – AED 1.65 million
  • Rolls Royce Phantom: AED 2.25 million – AED 2.45 million
  • Rolls Royce Ghost: AED 1.31 million – AED 1.55 million
  • Rolls Royce Cullinan: AED 1.89 million
  • Rolls Royce Dawn: AED 1.69 million – AED 1.85 million.


Rolls Royce is a super luxury car that validates the lifestyle and status of the owner. Are you a resident of the UAE? Well, you do not have to personally own a car to drive one. You can simply rent the vehicle and use it for the duration that you want. 


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