Some Safe Driving Tips for Rental Cars

When you have a rental car, you need to ensure that your driving experience will be as smooth as possible. That is the only way to have a joyful trip in the great country of the UAE.

Most tourists prefer to lease an owned vehicle right after landing at the Dubai International Airport. Here are some safe driving tips for rental cars that could be extremely useful for people visiting the country for the first time and have no previous exposure to the UAE roads.

Make Sure You Follow the Traffic Signs

First, you need to know the traffic signs. The UAE has a dual-language pattern for the traffic signs using Arabic and English to inform drivers about road conditions and potential violations they need to avoid.

If you take a look at the traffic signs, you will always drive safe, know where to turn, and what are the speed limits on the roads you are currently using. All the roads in the UAE are registered to Google maps services, so normally, a tourist should never have a problem driving and following the safest routes.

Check For Police Traffic Officers 

Another important aspect of the safe driving tips would be to check for the presence of police traffic officers on the roads. Busy Dubai streets could have the traffic regulated by police officers, and you should obey their orders at any time.

The police traffic officers are among the most pressing safe driving tips for rental cars since they always prefer to check visitors’ driving behavior. They always know which ones are the rental vehicles and allow for further inspection if something in your riding behavior looks suspicious.

Follow The Traffic Lights

If you want to follow all the mandatory safety tips, you should give extra attention to the traffic lights function. These traffic lights are like the usual you will find in any other country.

You should be prepared to stop when you see the yellow light since you may get a fine for passing with red light. That fine could even cost you the exit from the UAE, so make sure you follow the safety rules related to traffic lights violations.

Lower the Speed Limit When You are on The Dubai City Streets

Even though you think you have the right speed designated on the signs, it’s better not to speed in the busy Dubai streets. That’s more important to follow when you are a novice driver and want to avoid crashing into other vehicles.

Speed limits are low in Dubai, and you should always respect them without any trick. When you are driving a leased vehicle, other people will spot you, and some of them may not be willing to help you. 

Check Your Engine Oil Levels After Every Single Trip

A really good tip for driving your leased vehicle safely would be to check the engine oil levels at all times when making trips around the country. The UAE is relatively hotter than any other place you have possibly visited.

Also, commuting through the desert with all the air conditioning on makes things even harder for the engine. That’s why you need to always keep in mind to check the oil levels to ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly.

When you are punctual with your traffic signs and keep the car full of petrol and check the engine oils you will have absolutely no issue driving your leased vehicle on the busy Dubai roads.


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