Top 10 Places To Visit Free in Dubai

Traveling is one of the most essential things we all have to do, it’s always good to change location either with your family, spouse, children, or personally during vacation or at a particular time of the season. And Dubai offers one of the best locations perfect for these purposes.

However, there are many places to visit with little or no cost and yet still offer you a quality stay or experience during your stay. We shall be listing 10 out of these places to visit, they include:


1. Jabel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet has a beautiful view of the city of Al Ain. “Hafeet” which means “mountain” has a great view and it is the top point in Al Ain. This is a famous spot to enjoy some cool breeze.

The mountain has stopovers where you can take a glance view of the city below. The road across the mountain is smooth enough for a comfortable trip.

The beauty of Jabel Hafeet is the views from the top, how beautiful those houses, cars, and people look little from the top. There are other attractive areas around Jabel Hafeet, they include the museums, tombs, etc.

Visiting Jabel Hafeet is free, you can only spend on your transport either through the bus or taxi and you can decide to go in a private car. You can also decide to test your strength by walking across the mountain to add to your experience.

Visit Jabal-Hafeet in Dubai

2. Hatta Pools

There are so many activities to do in Hatta, ranging from a bike trail, going to a park, the heritage village, waterfall, and pools. Brace yourself and prepare a list of places to visit before your adventure to Hatta. The natural cooling water of the hatta pool is located on the Oman side of the mountain paradise however, you might need to clear your visa and other documentation to visit this place.

Aside from the pool, there are many other great locations to visit across Hatta. They include the Hatta Dam, Hatta Hill Park, and Wadi Hub. Hatta is one of the most popular places to visit especially for those who love outdoor activities, it is located at the Hajar Mountain. This is one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

3. Museums

Since Dubai is an ancient city before its transformation to what it is today, it is not surprising it has various museums to its name. In terms of museums, you can never go wrong in Dubai, many people love going to museums because of their love for ancient history.

Moreover, the museums in Dubai have all of their history collections in their various Museums. Some of the museums to visit around Dubai are as follows.


4. Al-Ain Classic Car Museum

For those who love automobiles, this is a must-go museum. There are ranges of cars you don’t see anymore but were used in the olden days. These cars were the best classic cars in their time so, take a look at some of the automobiles that were cruised during the ancient days of Dubai in this museum.


5. Saruq Al Hadid Museum

This museum is located at the Dubai historical district where you can learn about the Arabian ancient history dating back to the Iron age. So you see the past in the present!


6. Coin Museum

Coin Museum is a free entry museum and famous for its ancient artifacts and other histories of the past.  It is one of the best locations to visit with your family and kids. It is located in Bastakiaya.

Visit Coin Museum in Dubai

7. Sharjah Art Museums

This is the best place to be for those in love with arts and crafts. The museum has various artworks of famous artists and they regularly host various workshops. So, this is the right place to be for art admirers.


8. Dubai Safari

For animal admirers, this is the perfect spot to visit. The safari park is always a nice experience with the sight of wild animals in their natural habitat.

There are other experiences to add to your taste at the Safari, they include a visit to the African Village, eating the Arabic food, listening to their music, and the educational safari bus tour. However, the place is closed for now but will be opened soon. It is one of the best places you must visit when reopened.

Visit Dubai Safari

8. Masdar City

This is one of the most sustainable urban communities in the world. It is a planned city project in UAE located close to Abu Dhabi International Airport. Of course, this place is open to the public for tourism and exploration and it is free!

Furthermore, you only need to board an unmanned electric pod at the entrance of the city which will take you to the main city. The city is a centerpiece and sustainable development of modern science & technology so, it is okay overwhelmed as you journey through the city of science but don’t be too caught up.


9. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is one of the largest mosques around the world. We have decided to include this in the list because it welcomes non-worshipers or non-Muslims.

The mosque captures the interaction between Islam and the world. The architecture style of the mosque has a taste of modern civilization designed by the British, Italians, and Emirati, and some of the design ideas were borrowed from Morroco, Pakistan, and Egypt.

Therefore, no wonder the elegant beauty of the Mosque stands out among other Mosque.


10. Love Lake

You can go romantic with your spouse or fiancé with a visit to Love Lake. This is considered to be one of the best romantic spots around Dubai. How more divine can it be to take your lovely spouse from your country to Dubai’s Love Lake to express your love? This is different from going to the Effiel Tower because Love Lake also offers a fun way to explore the desert.

Love Lake is a free place to explore. It is equipped with shaded areas where you can cool yourself with the love of your life. However, you cannot explore the place solely or with your family but it is the best spot for romantic purposes.

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