Rent a Kia Seltos 2020 in Dubai
Rent a Kia Seltos 2020 in Dubai UAE
Kia Seltos 2020 rent a car Dubai UAE
Kia Seltos 2022 car rentals Dubai
Kia Seltos 2022 rent a car Dubai
Kia Seltos 2020 rent a car Dubai interior
Rent a Kia Seltos 2020 in Dubai
Rent a Kia Seltos 2020 in Dubai UAE
Kia Seltos 2020 rent a car Dubai UAE
Kia Seltos 2022 car rentals Dubai
Kia Seltos 2022 rent a car Dubai
Kia Seltos 2020 rent a car Dubai interior
  • AED 3500 / Month
  • AED 1400 / Week
  • AED 200 / Day

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Rent Amount

  • Rent AED 1400


  • Delivery Charges AED 50
  • Pickup Charges AED 50
  • Super CDW AED 250
  • Additional Driver AED 150

Booking Amount

  • VAT (5%) AED 75
  • Total Amount AED 1575
  • Details

  • Overview

  • Video

  • FAQs

  • Reviews


  • Engine Size 1.6

  • Luggage 4

  • Doors 4

  • Seats 4

  • Monthly KM 3000

  • Weekly KM 800

  • Daily KM 200

  • Security Deposit 1200

  • Excess Claim 1500

  • Delivery Time 60 Mins

  • Cancellation Free


  • Bluetooth
  • Parking Sensors
  • Reverse Camera
  • Cruise Control
  • USB
  • LCD Screen
  • Power Mirrors
  • Remote Door Lock
  • Navigation
  • ABS
  • Power Windows
  • Air Bags
  • Stereo MP3/CD


Kia Seltos For Hire

The car has a unique design, versatile qualities, a lavish interior, and offers a comfortable ride. KIA Seltos is a new B-class SUV from a Korean manufacturer. Seltos is superior in size. In fact, the difference is small, but thanks to the rear pillar with a third window, the car visually becomes more impressive.

The optics in the new product also include LED fog lights and turn signals. All this creates a feeling of a high-class car. You can rent this spectacular engineering marvel from our trusted budget rental car in Dubai at great rental deals. Keep reading to learn more about it!


Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The fuel tank capacity is 50 liters, so you don’t have to stop again and again for refueling. The dual-engine mechanism provides enough power for the vehicles to work vibration-free and without too much noise, even on long journeys.


Exterior, Interior, and Ample Cargo Space

Kia Seltos has a classy exterior with four doors, a front grille made of black finish, durable wheels 18 inches wide, and rims made of black alloy in a matte finish. It’s a giant car with rack rails on the roof. The upholstery is in black and beige, while the temperature panel is in silver finish. Rear seats can also be folded to make room for cargo without affecting the overall comfort level.


Infotainment and Connectivity

Kia Seltos has a Bluetooth system that can connect with phones as well as laptops. Other than that, there is also a USB port to play music directly. The LCD also has a navigation option that can show your real-time location while your music is playing. A built-in humidifier runs smoothly without making any noise.

The sensors and reverse camera make parking a lot easier than usual, which is a favorite feature for cars nowadays. One thing is for sure, renting a Kia Seltos from our Dubai rent a car would ensure your long drives are fun.


Easy Monthly Car Rent

The monthly allowed mileage is 5000 km, while the weekly and daily mileage is unlimited. Delivery and pickup are free for 30 days. The security deposit charges are 900 AED, the excess claim is 700 AED. The cancellation fee of the car is free, so you can easily cancel it if your plan is canceled.


At every Salik gate crossing, you will be charged 5 AED Extra. Insurance is comprehensive according to the Law in UAE. There must be a police report filed on any damage or accident. Security will be returned to a bank account or a cheque within 21 days after the car is returned. It must be returned at the same fuel level; otherwise, you must pay AED 50 more for the fuel. Our reputable car rental Dubai is famous amongst our potential clients because of the extensive range of vehicles from international brands we offer to rent at excellent prices, including Ford car hire, Renault rent a car, Honda rental, Hyundai cars on rent, and more. Explore our wide car fleet featured on the website, pick what you like, and book it on call.



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How big is the Kia Seltos 2020 cabin?

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What type of vehicle insurance will I receive by default?

When will I get my security deposit back?

What if I exceed allowed kms?

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What is the fuel policy?

Is delivery and pickup free?

How is the rental duration calculated?


Maedeh MokhtariMaedeh Mokhtari
14:08 09 Nov 21
Good car company , easy to work with if you are not living in UAE, I used them 2-3 times, they offered good rate, good car with good condition and brought it in time to my is pity they don’t deliver at the airport….anyway in total I am happy in using their service and hope they keep providing their service same and better
Jalen TolbertJalen Tolbert
05:56 03 Nov 21
Best customer and reliable service in UAE. I like the way they work. Very transparent and supportive. No hidden charges, not like some other agency who asked you to drop the car to their workshop or extra charges. Road assistance is included too, they will come right away wherever you are and resolve any issues.The price is very good, you can always. Talk to them about your unique requirements. They so responsive.I have been with them since 08/2020 using Kia Pegas 2020, been always a happy customer!Keep your good work up.
Laura HendersonLaura Henderson
08:20 16 Sep 21
Such an understanding company.. Really co-operative, quick and helpful. One worker was especially kind and understanding. Thanks for being great
13:16 18 Aug 21
Two thumbs up! Very accommodating and professional services.

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