Mitsubishi Eclipse 2021 for rent in Dubai
Mitsubishi eclipse 2021 back
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2021 sideview
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2021 Interior Dubai
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2021 for rent in Dubai
Mitsubishi eclipse 2021 back
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2021 sideview
Mitsubishi Eclipse 2021 Interior Dubai
  • AED 2700 / Month
  • AED 1061 / Week
  • AED 125 / Day

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  • Engine Size 1.5

  • Luggage 3

  • Doors 4

  • Seats 4

  • Monthly KM 5000

  • Weekly KM 800

  • Daily KM 200

  • Security Deposit 900

  • Excess Claim 1500

  • Cancellation Free


  • Bluetooth
  • Parking Sensors
  • Cruise Control
  • USB
  • LCD Screen
  • FM Radio
  • Power Mirrors
  • Remote Door Lock
  • ABS
  • Power Windows
  • Air Bags
  • Stereo MP3/CD


Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2021

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is made by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi. Car falls under the compact SUV category. If not for anything else, the Mitsubishi brand has been famous for being one of the top manufacturers of high durability and reliability vehicles. As you know, these are some of the most essential features that any vehicle should have.

For travelers and adventurers in Dubai, this car has the necessary power to give you a seamless journey experience. This is one of the reasons rental Cars UAE has adopted as one of their cars for rent. You’ll enjoy the many features that this car has.

Rare Vehicle with a Beautiful Design

While the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is not the most popular car, once you become familiar with it, you’ll see what a pleasant surprise the vehicle really is. A car like this would be just perfect for anyone who wants to stand out. Why? You see, this vehicle is not a conventional type of car, and proudly so.

The vehicle’s front is attractive and is fitted with LED daytime running lights, so its visual appeal can be greater. At the back, there’s a horizontal bar that separates the two glass panels. There’s also a panel line along the side. When you decide to rent a car in Dubai, think about Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exterior is designed to be practical but elegant at the same time. This latest version comes with an aggressive, smooth nose and a single rear window that is sculpted sharply. The result of this is a vehicle that looks more daring and graceful.

A unique design like this surely rivals that of many SUVs. That’s not all. The vehicle beauty combines with the all-wheel Control practicality to seal the deal.

Eclipse Cross Has Good Engine power and Reliability

Knowing your car is reliable comes with peace of mind that can be rivaled by no other. This Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross vehicle is reliable, to say the least. The Eclipse Cross has a 152-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder engine. With this engine, the car offers impressive traction at low to moderate speeds.

This vehicle may not be the best for high-speed drivers, but who needs high-speed vehicles anyway in a city where every inch of space is so beautiful and should be soaked in?

Besides, the car will do just fine on the smooth Continental roads of Dubai. Plus, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross offers a fair fuel economy. This means the vehicle minimizes fuel use allowing you to cover more distance with little petrol.

The Eclipse Cross also has stable handling, a relaxed ride, and an appropriate level of body roll when taken through corners. Yes, you can rent a car in Dubai at a cheap price and still get amazing features like these.

A Vehicle That Offers Comfort and Convenience

Another of the Eclipse Cross’s merits is the space and comfort that it provides. You would be delighted with the amount of interior space that this car has. Space is precisely what anyone who is having a vacation with family would want. Further helping the case of this car is the fact that the comfortable rear seats can slide back or forth to either make more room for legs or allow extra boot space.

The boot, though not the largest, is still of a decent size. It has more than enough space for the needs of most families or individuals, and it doesn’t matter whether the back seats are in their rearmost position or not.

This boot will swallow your load comfortably and leave extra space for shopping bags. The boot opening has been designed to be at a comfortable height in case you’re lifting heavy objects in or out of it.

The eclipse cross is a capable family SUV, and its scarcity adds to the model’s appeal. Only the best car rentals in Dubai have it.  If you’d like to stand out, this scarcity could just be the reason to rent this car from rental cars UAE.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has been designed with technology that can make riding with entertainment effortless. The Apple CarPlay feature of this car is flawless. You can add the Google maps apps so you can enjoy seamless help with navigation.

It also allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts or songs as you ride. Also, the large glass sunroof allows light to pour in. This, in turn, makes the car’s interior feel larger than it actually is.


The Eclipse Cross does come with safety features that will wow anyone who cherished their life. There are driver-assist features like lane-departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. The vehicle features forward collision mitigation, which lets the driver know about an imminent collision.

It even activates the brakes when necessary. Blindspot warning tells the driver of approaching vehicles in adjacent lanes. All these will prove very useful no matter how careful you are when you drive.

Where Can You Rent a Car in Dubai?

The place to rent reliable cars in Dubai is rental cars UAE. We have a stock of high-caliber luxurious vehicles, which we know will be befitting for you.

Our rental is the place to rent a car in Dubai Cheap. We will work with your budget and give you the best. Contact us now for more information.



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Maedeh MokhtariMaedeh Mokhtari
14:08 09 Nov 21
Good car company , easy to work with if you are not living in UAE, I used them 2-3 times, they offered good rate, good car with good condition and brought it in time to my is pity they don’t deliver at the airport….anyway in total I am happy in using their service and hope they keep providing their service same and better
Jalen TolbertJalen Tolbert
05:56 03 Nov 21
Best customer and reliable service in UAE. I like the way they work. Very transparent and supportive. No hidden charges, not like some other agency who asked you to drop the car to their workshop or extra charges. Road assistance is included too, they will come right away wherever you are and resolve any issues.The price is very good, you can always. Talk to them about your unique requirements. They so responsive.I have been with them since 08/2020 using Kia Pegas 2020, been always a happy customer!Keep your good work up.
Laura HendersonLaura Henderson
08:20 16 Sep 21
Such an understanding company.. Really co-operative, quick and helpful. One worker was especially kind and understanding. Thanks for being great
13:16 18 Aug 21
Two thumbs up! Very accommodating and professional services.

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