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How to Rent a Car without a Deposit?

Rent a Car without a Deposit

Perhaps, you might have suffered this frustration. You rent a vehicle for your flight home and use your credit card to pay the rental fees.

Rent a Car without a Deposit

Car rental companies require a deposit for every car rental – including the cheapest. That leaves many customers searching for alternatives and other ways to pay. However, you can still find a “no deposit” car rental. The rental company will require you to agree to certain terms. Further, you will have to pay an additional amount to benefit from “no deposit” car rentals.

How to Rent a Car without Security Deposit?

Rental car security deposits exist for one reason – security for the rental car. Car rental companies hold it to be sure that you will return the car in good shape. If you get involved in an accident and the vehicle is damaged, the deposit will cover the repair cost. Mostly, rental companies ring-fence the deposit on the driver’s credit card, but some may offer it for debit cards too.

The amount you have to pay as the security deposit varies from one company to the next. It also varies according to the class and model of the car you choose to rent. When possible, try to negotiate the deposit to the lowest level possible. If you do not want to pay it, you can search for no deposit car rentals.

The easiest, quickest, & cheapest way to find rental cars without a security deposit involves using search engines like Google, Yahoo Search, and Bing. All you will need to do is type in “rental car without deposit” or “no deposit car rental.” The search engine will display the available deals. Click on one result to find the details of the available rentals.

As we have already stated, “no deposit” rental cars are more expensive than those that require security deposits. The rental company will only require you to provide your credit card details. After that, they will file the details just in case something wrong happens. You will have to pay the toll fees and refill the fuel tank.

What is the Purpose of Car Rental Deposit?

Car rental companies require a security deposit to protect themselves during the rental period. They will require you to pay for it when picking up the car. And unless some charges or penalties have accrued during the rental period, they will release it back to you within a few days after you return the car. If anything has happened to the car or accrued many fines, they may deduct the costs from the deposit. In such cases, you might lose the whole amount or part of it.

What is the Purpose of Car Rental Deposit

If the fines or damages exceed the security deposit, the car rental company will require you to pay the extra charges. In case you did not buy Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance cover, they might charge you for the car’s full value. With the CDW cover, you will be liable for any charges up to the car’s full value. You will be only liable for any extra amount.

How Does the Car Rental Security Deposit Work?

The security deposit has to be held in a credit card in the name of the driver. So, when renting a car, the rental car company will require your credit card to be valid. It should also have the security deposit amount available. Still, you will have to know the pin of the card.

The credit card needs to be in your name if you are the main driver for the car rental company to authorize the security deposit amount. After they deduct the amount, it will not be available for spending during the rental period. They will also deduct any accrued costs from the deposit before returning it to your credit card.

Why Must the Security Deposit Be Held on Your Credit Card?

Credit cards allow ring-fencing or holding of funds, something that is not possible with debit cards. Still, car rental companies have to use pre-authorization, which is available on credit cards alone. Credit cards are also safer than debit cards are. Some companies may accept debit cards too.

I Do Not Have a Credit Card. What Should I Do?

This is among the commonest questions people searching for the best car rental deals ask. First, some companies will offer great no deposit deals, and others allow you to use your debit card. Secondly, some may accept a cash deposit. However, they will require you to leave your details.

When Will You Get Your Deposit Back?

Most rental companies will unblock/return the deposit immediately you drop off the car at the agreed location. They will not require you to do anything to get the security deposit back. However, some companies will continue holding the deposit for 15 more days. That is for the reason that some toll charges and traffic fines may take several days to reflect in your account.

The time it will take to get your money back will highly depend on the payment method you chose, your credit card provider, and the car rental location. For example, it will take more days to get your money back if the rental company is situated in Asia instead of getting it back in European countries.


Most people search for car rentals that do not require a security deposit. However, you will limit yourself to a few rental cars by choosing the “no deposit” route. Many rental companies may not offer the option. Those that offer may set a higher age limit too. So, car rentals with a deposit may be a better choice.

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