5 Safest Cars To Rent in Dubai

Dubai has a lot of companies offering cheap car rental services for different rental across the city. Renting cars is very common in Dubai because people want to move around and explore and a personal car can only make it more fun. Despite the choices of cars at disposal, it is imperative to go for best, so evaluation is something that must consider before picking the right choice.

Some of this consideration may be the fuel efficiency of the car, the size, exotic cars, luggage space, and so on. However, the major thing which should be key to all considerations is the safety of the car.

Most people rush into renting a car without assessing the safety features, and this should be the major thing to ensure you are protected. There are also cheap vehicles classified as one of the safest cars to ride. We highlight some of these safe cars below.

1. Hyundai Creta

The design of the Hyundai Creta is like a regular family SUV. It is a very popular ride in Dubai and one of the most selling cars on rent.

This doesn’t come as a surprise because of its excellent features. It has great handling that is sure to give you a comfortable ride it has a lot of space with a stylish interior. These features could alone attract many customers and to make it the top choice of many customers. However, these features are not the peak of this ride.

It also has safety features to complement its several qualities. Hyundai Creta is built with a strong body structure with AHSS for secure driving. Another feature is Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), this feature installed to prevent loss of control when the brake applied suddenly.

They also equip it with electronic stability control (ESC) to ensure there is directional stability and tire traction. Other features include Hill assist control, rear disc brakes, burglar alarm, emergency stop signal, and rear camera with special guidelines.

Rent a Hyundai Creta in Dubai

2. Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark is the smallest car in the Chevy brand. Just like Hyundai Creta, Chevrolet, spark also has a record of rental sales as it was designed for global sales.

It is powered by a 1.4-litre cylinder engine with 98hp and occupants have a choice between 5-speed manual gearbox and variable transmission. Chevrolet spark is also fuel-efficient. Its 5-speed transmission is EPA rated 29/38 mpg City/Highway, or 33 mpg Combined city/highway, while the CVT rates 30/38 City/Highway, or 33 mpg Combined. So you can be confident to drive for a longer period without your car burning too much fuel.

The most notable is that Spark 2020 has some safety features that other rival cars don’t have. Some of these features include lane departure warning, blind-spot alert, and forward collision alert. Its other safety features are 10 airbags, a rearview camera, rear parking camera, and rear parking sensors. With these features, drivers can drive with confidence because of the many safety measures equipped with the car.

Rent a Chevrolet Spark car in Dubai

3. Kia Cerato

The Kia Cerato equipped with a 6-speed manual and a 3 pedal option. The front wheels receive power from the engine. It has a very light clutch so that the driver can easily move it, especially while in traffic. The engine is smooth, there is no distinctive set back on Kia Cerato apart from the Manual transmission, but it is inoffensive and still very easy to use.

It is a comfortable ride suitable for urban environments like Dubai. Although it does not operate on auto, it is still convenient and easy to use.

Kia Cerato also equipped with power windows both at the front and the rear with automatic controls. Other features include remote central control, cloth seat trim, manual A.C, cruise control, a digital radio, an 8.0inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, apple car play, and android auto compatibility. These are the many features Cerato has for a pleasant experience however, it also comes with safety features to protect the driver and occupants. They include active safety assistance, adult occupant protection, and child occupant protection.

Rent a Kia Cerato car in Dubai

4. Nissan Kicks

Nissan kicks are a very good subcompact SUV and suitable rental car in Dubai. This ride is one of the best of its brand. Therefore, it is the finalist for the best compact SUV for money under the brand.

Nissan kicks is simply a solid combination of better quality and good value. It has an impressive gas mileage and also a spacious cabin.

The infotainment system is simple to work with. While considering to rent a car, Nissan kicks should be among the list of considerations because it offers good value for the money. It is fuel-efficient and can last for a long time while riding.

Nissan kicks is also one of the safest cars to rent. This vehicle has a lot of safety and technology features such as blind-spot warning, automatic emergency braking. These features will automatically engage the brake to avoid a frontal collision or to reduce the severity of the impact.

Lane departure warning helps the drivers to change lane only when they intend to. High beam assist is automatically activated when needed and deactivated when the car sights an oncoming vehicle. Other safety features are rear cross-traffic alert and rear automatic braking.

Rent a Nissan Kicks SUV in Dubai

5. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson is a car under the compact SUV class. It performs above average, which also makes it the right choice for renting. It is very comfortable to ride in it and large enough to accommodate 4 adults comfortably. These standard features make it the right choice for selection as they are sufficient for travellers to enjoy a pleasurable experience with the car.

Its safety features include anti-lock brakes, stability control, front impact airbags for protection against in crash or collision, side-impact airbags, pre-tensioners, and a security system for detecting unwanted vehicle intrusion.

Rent a Hyundai Tucson in Dubai

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