What if I have an Accident in my Rental Car?

It is stressful enough to have a car accident in Dubai with your car. Having an accident in a rental car can bring untold anxiety and stress. It is not something anyone wishes to happen but it sometimes happens anyway. So, what happens if you damage a rental car in an accident? Do not panic and continue reading to find out more.

What Should You Do When You are Involved in an Accident in Your Rental Car?

If an accident occurs, do not fret. Try to take a deep breath to calm down. The following are the first steps to take as soon as you are calmed:

  • Check to see whether you or your passenger is injured. 
  • From the mirrors in your car, check to see if anyone is injured in any other vehicle involved in the accident. If there is, quickly call 999 to inform the police.
  • Next, carefully exit your car after checking the traffic and inspect the damages done to your car from the impact of the accident. Check for any fuel leakage or fire. It is recommended that you should take pictures of the accident scene for later use.
  • If you can still drive the car, move it from the road to enable other road users to pass. If it is not, get the red triangle in the trunk of the rental car and walk about 5 feet behind your vehicle to place the red triangle. 

How Do I Report an Accident in my Rental Car?

When you have done the preliminary check of your rental car, the next step is to report the accident to the police. As mentioned above, you should immediately call 999 if anyone is seriously injured in the accident. 

You should also call the police if there is any major damage to the vehicle. When the police arrive at the scene, you will be asked some questions and from the information gathered, you will be presented with the report, which would state the cause of the accident and the party at fault. 

If the accident is a minor one with no severe damage to the car or injury to any person, you have to report to the police or pay an extra manual service charge of AED 100.

How Do I Inform my Car Rental Company about the Accident?

After receiving the police report, the next thing is to contact the car rental company to know what should be done. The company may arrange for a replacement and send a truck to pick up the damaged vehicle. 

You also have to hand over the police report to the car rental company. This will enable them to evaluate the damage. You will not be required to pay anything for the accident if it is not your fault and the police report supports the claim. 

If the accident is your fault, the standard liability you would pay ranges between AED 1200 and AED 5000. To avoid the additional expenses that come with having an accident in a rental car, you may want to consider paying for rental car insurance. 

How does rental car insurance work?

When you purchase car rental insurance, you are protected from paying heavily for an accident. If it is a minor accident, the insurance will cover it. However, if there is major damage to the rental vehicle, you would only pay the excess sum of the insurance coverage.


This post shares details of what happens if you damage a rental car. It offers a simple guide to follow from the point of the accident to finalizing with the car rental company. It is recommended that you consider adding an insurance budget to your cost when renting an automobile in Dubai. 


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