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As a leading rental company in UAE, we offer different varieties of cars that are available every day of the week. However, to make it more convenient for you, we have decided to offer our rental services in 3 broad categories. We have short term car rental services that are offered for daily or weekly use.

There is also the long-term rental service which is a monthly package. Other than these two, we also offer annual services which provide you with the opportunity of renting a car for up to a year. All of these services come with their different terms and conditions as well as benefits.

We have ensured these services are all tailored to meet your specific needs. This is in line with our commitment to guarantee customer satisfaction at all times.

Short Term (Daily, Weekly) Car Rental Services

Do you need a short-term rental car for a day trip or a week out with your friends, families, and loved ones? Then our rental cars UAE short-term service is the best option to avail. We offer a convenient online booking process that can be completed in a very short while. During the booking process, you can specify the duration of the car rental.

Short Term (Daily, Weekly) Car Rental Services

When this process finishes our representative will reach out to you for giving further details. A short-term service from us guarantees you comfortable mobility anywhere at very affordable prices.

Benefits you can avail from Our Short-Term Car Rental Services

  • Our short-term services offer you low rates daily which are one of the best you can get from any car hire company in Dubai.
  • We also offer the best weekend rates and discounts that make the offer amazing. By booking ahead of time, you can enjoy our car deals that give you more discounts.
  • This rental service of ours also offers customers 24-hour roadside assistance through our sophisticated mapping structure. It covers anywhere and everywhere you want to go.
  • Our booking process is very easy and can be completed in no time. With every term and condition met, you get your car and can get on the road as quickly as you want to.

Why Rent A Car for A Short Term?

There are several reasons why you may want a short-term car hire service. These reasons vary from persons to persons and some of them include:

  • To reduce wear and tear of your car that may result from continuous usage
  • To take out time to explore the city or area when on a business or family trip.
  • It is a more affordable option compared to dealership auto leases.
  • To go on a weekday or weekend adventure to somewhere you have not been before.

Long Term (Monthly) Car Rental Services

It is possible that you have a long-term business or travel plan and cannot go with your vehicle. You might also not have a personal vehicle of your own to go around with. Either way, the best option is to rent a car for a month or more, depending on your duration of stay.

Long Term (Monthly) Car Rental Services

Long term services with us offer you the opportunity to save money as we have a policy in this regard. The policy provides that the longer you rent, the more money you save. Just like every other car hire service of ours, our long-term rental services have a simple booking system.

All you need to do is visit our website and select the car you want from our wide variety of car options. When this is done, a representative of ours will reach out to you and give you any other information you may need.

What You Stand to Benefit from Our Long-Term Car a Rental Services

  • Our long-term services allow you to save more money as your rental lasts longer.
  • It also provides you with quality cars that have been vetted for use by our team of professional engineers.
  • You have roadside assistance for as long as you want to use our cars. This will help you find your way through places especially when you are new in the area.

Why Rent A Car Long Term?

There are several reasons why people rent cars long term. Some of these reasons include:

  • Going somewhere temporarily or for a season as a result of work or study. To prevent your car from wear and tear, you can rent a car for your duration of stay.
  • To carry out a one-time project that requires a specific type of vehicle different from that you own. Some projects may require that you make use of a specific truck, car, or van. Once the project completed, you may have no use of it again.
  • To fill the gap between when your car goes bad and when it finally repaired. It is possible that due to an accident or some damages, your vehicle might spend months in the repair shop. You can rent a car on a long-term basis pending when the repair completed.

Annual Car Rental Service

We provide all sorts of vehicles to our customers who need to rent a car, truck, or van for up to a year. Are you switching locations or going for a project that might have you away from home for a year? Do you need a car to go about in that period? Then, at rentals Cars UAE, you can rent a car for a year.

This service comes at a discounted rate compared to the other services that we offer. We have a standby engineering team that ensures the car checked and prepared for rentals. However, unlike other rental services that we offer, the terms and conditions for our annual rentals differ a bit. You don’t need to fret though, as they are simple and can be complied with easily.

Whether you need to rent a car for a short-term or long-term use, you need to work with the best rental in Dubai. Rental cars UAE is a reputable company regarded as the largest provider in the UAE. We offer a huge variety of cars at affordable rates.

Our customer care service is made up of professionals who are always available to give you more information. To rent a car in Dubai or find out more about our services, click here.

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