Cheapest Rent a Car Offers in Dubai from 800 AED

Nowadays, renting a car seems to be the best and appreciable transportation option among tourists in Dubai. Tourists can now move around the beautiful city of Dubai in their desired hired car.

Generally, hiring a car is beneficial and less expensive than using public transports, especially if you’re hiring on a long duration. Even at that, most car hire companies still offer cheaper rental options to favour customers. One of such offers is the “cheapest rental offers in Dubai from 800AED” by Rental Cars UAE.

Cheapest car rental offers in the United Arab Emirates from 800AED allow you to explore Dubai and discover many places at less cost.

At Rental Cars UAE, you can hire a car for as low as 60AED per day and cheaper if you’re hiring on a weekly or monthly term rentals (from 800AED). These rental offers from Rental Cars UAE are undoubtedly one of the cheapest car rental offers in Dubai.

Even at that lowest cost, you won’t be sacrificing your ease and comfort. Here are some of the mouthwatering benefits you would enjoy from our cheap vehicle rental offers:

Low-Cost Traveling

This is undoubtedly the first benefit you would enjoy with our reasonably-priced rental offers. Even though fuel cost is very affordable in Dubai, you need to factor in the cost of maintenance too. Therefore, it’s not always advisable to go on a long journey in your own car due to the additional costs.

With a rented car, you wouldn’t have to bother yourself with maintenance costs. Hence, you should take advantage of our low-priced car rentals and enjoy low-cost travelling.

Saves Money

Saves Money

This is another important benefit of our rental offers. It enables you to have more money in your pocket by saving costs on transportation.

Commuting with public transportation in Dubai may look an easy option. Besides, it’s cheaper if you’re spending just a day or visiting just a place. However, if you’re visiting multiple places or spending weeks or months in Dubai, it’s advisable to rent a car. Otherwise, you would be spending more than you plan.

Renting a car helps you to save costs while touring Dubai. You can then channel any money you save on transportation on either feeding or accommodation for a more enjoyable stay in Dubai.

Other benefits of our affordable rental cars Dubai include:


Yes, you would enjoy the freedom of movement when you take advantage of our cheap rent a car offers in Dubai. This is because you won’t have to bother yourself about deadlines, schedules, rush hours, fares, etc.

Most importantly, your movement will no longer be dependent on or influenced by public transportation i.e. you’ll no longer be stranded. What freedom of movement is more than that? Yet, you would be enjoying this freedom at the lowest cost possible.

More so, some areas in Dubai do not permit public transportation. Your freedom of movement into such areas hinges on a private car. Why don’t you access and enjoy those areas with our cheap rent a car offers in Dubai?



One thing you can never get from public transportation is comfort, especially if you have luggage. You would have to stay under the hot weather to get public transports. You would also have to compete with others during rush hours to get a space.

You would have to ensure that you always meet up with a bus or taxi schedule. You may even end up being stranded for lack of timely transport.

However, renting a car gives you so much comfort. Right from the moment you get the hired vehicle to the time you return it, the car becomes yours. This means you would enjoy the same comfort as though it’s your private car.

You wouldn’t have to carry your luggage about with you to bus stops or pay extra charges for your loads. Why don’t you take advantage of our affordable to hire a car in Dubai today to enjoy a comfortable stay in Dubai?

Quality of life

Just as mentioned above, renting a car makes you enjoy the quality of life. No queues, no standing under the harsh weather, no restrictions, no luggage moving, all comforts. These are some of the quality of life you’ll enjoy with our reasonably priced rental service.

For more ease and convenience, you can book for your desired car online or at the airport. You would always find cars that suit your need from our collections.

As you have seen above, those are the lovely benefits you would enjoy from our inexpensive rentals in Dubai.

You won’t be only saving money on transportation, especially if you hire on a weekly or long term monthly rental but also be enjoying a low-cost, stress-free, and comfortable tour around Dubai.

Ability to Rent a Car to Learn Driving

Other trivial benefits you would enjoy include:

Ability to Rent a Car to Learn Driving

Have you always wanted to learn how to drive a car with automatic gear? You can achieve this by renting a car. We have a huge range of cars including compact cars, economy cars, sports cars, luxury cars, etc. You can rent a car with automatic gear from us to practice and learn.

All you have do is, select a car for your practice, opt for daily weekly or monthly car rentals, pay with your credit card. For any questions, our customer service is available 24 X 7.


Ability to Test Drive a Car

Similar to the benefit above, you can hire a car you’ve always dreamed of driving, but don’t have the money to buy. You can change to different cars to test drive them all. You may even hire a car model you want to but to test drive it and see whether you’ll eventually like the car or not after purchase.

Save Cost on Parking

Some areas in Dubai allows free parking space only to electric and hybrid vehicles. To enjoy this opportunity and enjoy free parking, you can rent an electric or hybrid car from us.

Driving and parking rented car in Dubai

Rent a Vehicle That Suits Each Situation

Your current car may not perfectly suit that journey – more loads, more passengers. Why should you stress your car unnecessary, when you can rent vehicles that will conveniently suit any situation from us?

Visit our car rental company today and benefit from our cheap car rental offers in Dubai.



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