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Deira is an area of Dubai, situated at the end of Dubai creek, Persian gulf, and Sharjah. Nowadays it is not what it looks like a few years ago in the past due to rapid progress in the city.

As, it has developed from top to bottom with modern shopping malls, metro tracks, high rise buildings, and many more. Moreover, Dubai’s airport is in this city and many Pakistani people who came to earn in Dubai mostly have a residence here in Deira.

Attractions to Visit in Deira Dubai

Now everyone knows a little about Dubai’s rapid progress from a barren desert to present Dubai. Deira is just like a mini version of Dubai’s progress as its rapidly upgrading its industry and to turn into paradise.

The city has beautiful shops, markets, outlets but; still having its historical wonders to make a bond. If you are planning a tour of this beautiful place here is our list of a few amazing things to do in Deira, Dubai.

1. You can visit Spice Souk

Deira is not all about the industry, buildings, markets, and location, etc. It has a taste of its tradition, the spicy flavor to your favorite dishes give it a new appealing taste.

The retailer’s stalls located at few steps from the Deira old souq abra station carrying the sweet-smelling goods, from dry fruits to therapeutic basils. Then they arranged everything in the most attractive manner to increase the desire of both locals and tourists.

All those people who are in means to discover the viable side of Dubai must take a tour of this area. You will enjoy all the newest elements, ingredients, fragments, and the spices of the Middle East

Moreover, it  increase your appetite by making your dishes more tasty, delicious. Similarly,  you can always enjoy an Arabian meal with a never forgetting taste in Spice Souk.

Visit Spice Souk in Dubai

2. Enjoy a trip to Women’s Museum Bait al Banat

In the Arab world and the Gulf region, the step was taken to adore and discover the lives of substantial women. Moreover, to highlight the part they took in the society. The female artists crossing the Emirates have introduced their masterpiece and are displayed on the first floor.

The gallery might demonstrate the work of both well-known and rising artists as the program’s changing. However, the perspective of art may be varying from abstract to illustrating the story.

The second floor, an expansive archive of research documents and books that would attract any great scholarly mind.

Visit Women’s Museum Bait al Banat in Dubai

3. Xxtreme Simulation: The Race Centre in Dubai

The only racing center in Dubai where the utmost advanced racing simulator exists. You can fulfill your ultimate racing fantasies at Xtreme simulation. Get the sensation of a boost in simulation engineered by the best.

Moreover, you can be the driver you always felt inside and fuel your driven spirit. The simulator is designed by a real racing company and made it perfect for you according to their best by improving the surroundings.

The Xxtreme simulation offers 8 racing cars with a complete pit-shop area. Furthermore, it has the facility of a record track system to check your progress

4. You can explore the Deira City Center Shopping Mall

Modernize your closet with new designs or feast in an adequate manner by visiting Deira City Centre shopping mall. While exploring the Deira shopping Mall you will get plenty of choice for a variety of stuff.

Furthermore, it is one of the malls that gives every variety under one roof. For instance, you can enjoy the most expensive brands to the finest brand.

If you are fond of theatrics you will have a fine and comfortable theater settled in the mall especially for the theater fans. However, if you are a food lover there are a couple of decent restaurants and cafes with affordable menus.

Visit Deira City Center Shopping Mall in Dubai

5. Adore the Aquatic life at Dubai Dolphinarium

The people who adore aquatic life and sea creatures like dolphins must visit the Dubai Dolphinarium. You will get a chance to see a dolphin with your bare eyes in real life. Moreover, you will also get the opportunity to watch charming creatures of water along with the Dolphin.

These dolphins are not just any dolphin, they are trained, affectionate, and play with you. Along with these dolphins, you will also enjoy the seal performance i.e. acrobatics, singing, dancing, juggle, and even painting. Moreover, the site will provide a swimming chance with the dolphin to relate with gentle mammals.

Visit Dubai Dolphinarium

How to travel and visit Deira, Dubai?

The local or public transport is not just time-consuming, it is tiring and unpredictable. If you going to some luring place it may increase the distance. So the best and wise choice is to rent a car in Deira Dubai.

Moreover, public transport will leave you at some steps to your destination where you have to go on foot in the harsh weather. So, make sure to rent a car before facing any sort of inconvenience.

The car rental has been good business in Dubai, so there’s a lot of competition. Due to the competition, rates can vary and obviously will be cheaper then taxis will be ever. So, do some maths and research and compare car rental rates to get benefit from favorable deals.


The Final Thoughts

The benefits of renting a car in Deira Dubai are many for tourists and travelers.  The few major benefits like car hire are more suitable, mind easing and relaxing as well as cheaper than you can expect.

During a vacation, the most significant factor is the comfort that can only be acquired with car rental in Dubai. It will give you the luxury of choosing your own car according to your requirements. For instance, you can get the cheapest car rental deals for an Audi, Mercedes, or SUV if you are having a business meeting.

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