Explore These Top Places with Rent A Car: Boy’s Edition

The opulent city of Dubai is teeming with restaurants and magnificent locations that offer the best getaways, from abundant restaurants, hotels, water recreation areas, beaches, retail malls, and brilliant skyline to diverse windows of cultural destinations that help you experience countries all over the world. For individuals who have been residing in the city for some time and are looking to rent a car Dubai for weekend getaways to broaden their horizons and see more, see the list below. Here’s what you can do if you’re a vehicle enthusiast who loves to drive large SUV rental and wants to get out of the city for an interesting trip.


This culturally significant town in the Hajjar mountain range has an abundance of beautiful natural landscapes to offer that will wow you. It resembles a haven in the middle of a gorgeous natural setting away from the metropolis. A wonderful location to unwind in nature and take in the magnificent mountain views. A place that must be seen Explorers frequently travel to Hatta, especially those who wish to rent a car in Dubai for one day for a weekend getaway which makes it a location worth visiting while being more affordable.

Al Ain

One of the greenest regions in the Emirates is AL Ain, located in the eastern part of the UAE, close to the Omani border. There are wonderful natural water features that have been constructed for tourists. Al Ain is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway with the guys because it has everything you could want, from amazing forts to historical ruins just waiting to be explored.

Fossil Rock

Before you even reach the intriguing creation in the middle of the desert, there are numerous possibilities to see camels. You can have a picnic when you get to Fossil Rock and the adjoining Camel Rock or set up camp for the night. A perfect boys’ getaway! For Sharjah’s dedicated off-roaders, this is a true desert adventure.

Jebel Jais

Discover the UAE’s highest mountain after an exhilarating drive there. It’s one of the best weekend escapes, thanks to the gorgeous and mesmerizing scenery along the way. The journey there and back is a must-do because of the vistas of eroding cliffs, canyons, and other natural features. While there are many laybys for photographic breaks along the road, you should go to Viewing Deck Park near the summit for the most panoramic mountain views.


This is for you and your fellas if you are a gearhead who enjoys being on the road and are planning a long weekend getaway. The route offers the lushest and green views and could take up to 12 hours one way. On this journey, you’d enjoy all of nature’s bounty. A stunning beauty that is worth examining.


Fujairah is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts because of its rocky mountain peaks and crystal-clear beaches. This stunning journey takes you across a desert and along incredibly tall mountains. The mountain range is dotted with several tiny settlements. Additionally, it is great for boys’ trips because of the easy-to-follow, clear highways. So, what are you waiting for contact the best rental cars companies in Dubai today!

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