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How to Avoid Salik While Driving in Dubai?

It is a standard procedure to get a Salik tag if you want to drive through the toll gates in Dubai. Salik is the electronic toll system in the city and it is operated by the RTA. This system is designed to improve the smooth flow of traffic around the toll gates. 

When you drive through the designated routes, you will discover that there are no collectors or booths and neither do you need to keep some change in your wallet. Well, this does not mean that you will not pay the toll fee. 

The Salik system makes automatic payment as motorists’ accounts are automatically debited when they use the toll gates. 

Know the Locations of Salik Gates

For every trip you make through the Airport tunnel, Al Mamzar, Al Maktoum, Al Barsha, Al Safa, Al Garhoud, and Jebel Ali, you will be charged AED 4 from your Salik account. Of course, this money can add up quickly, especially if you use these toll gates frequently. 

Use the Toll Gates during Off-peak Hours

The peak hours cover the morning hours (7 am to 9 am) from Saturday to Thursday and the evenings (5 pm to 7 pm) on the same days. If you fit in movement around these times, you would not be charged or fined. This is because the gates are toll-free during the off-peak hours, including the public holidays and Fridays.

 Alternative Routes to avoid Salik

You do not need to drive through the toll gates. If you feel that your toll fees add up to a large chunk, you can use alternative routes instead. For instance, you can take the Al Khail road, which shares the same exits with Sheikh Zayed road

The major difference between the two is that you would not have to pay the Salik fee for the former. There are alternative routes for each of the toll gates that you can consider to avoid paying Saliks. 

If you are wondering how to avoid Salik from Sharjah to Dubai, using alternative routes is the best option.

Top Up your Salik Account

As much as you try to avoid driving through the toll gates during peak hours, there will be days when you cannot avoid it. To ensure that you cover for these days, make sure that you maintain a healthy balance in your Salik account. 

Since it does not expire, you can keep the funds for whenever you have to use it. With this, you will not have to worry about 50 AED fine when you drive through with an insufficient account. You can check Salik balance check online to keep a tab on your account.


If you keep your mind on it, you can avoid Saliks while driving a car in Dubai. Follow the tips enumerated about driving safely and freely without having to pay any toll fee or fines. Also, read in the detail about salik and its working. 

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