How to Renew Your Car Registration in Dubai

One thing that you will need when traveling to Dubai is a car. A car will allow you to move to any part of the city easily. However, driving a vehicle without a valid registration is illegal in Dubai. The car registration and registration renewal process can be tricky because it involves many steps.

Further, you need several documents to complete the registration. This guide will help you to complete the registration or renewal successfully and without hassle.

The Registration Renewal Process

The Roads and Transport Authority offers many options to facilitate faster renewal. The age of your vehicle and its purpose will affect the registration renewal. You can renew 30 days before the expiration. Further, you will enjoy a 30 days grace period after the expiry.

RTA does not fine you, but you will have to pay driving fees. After the grace period elapses, they will start levying a monthly fine. They will cancel the vehicle registration if you fail to complete the renewal within one year. You can do the vehicle registration online through trusted insurers or the RTA call center.

RTA Registration Online Renewal Dubai

Online Renewal

For online registration renewal, move to the RTA website. After that, move to the renewal section and follow the procedures. Pass the vehicle inspection test if you use your car commercially, or it is over three years old. Contact your insurance provider to renew the car insurance before the registration renewal.

When on the registration renewal portal, enter your User ID and the password. Pay all the pending fines and the renewal fee. RTA bases the fees on the car and its use. Print the temporary notice and keep it in your vehicle.

Choose how you want to receive the card as you wait for the registration plate. RTA may send it to you through courier or your post office address. Alternatively, you can collect it from their office.

Renewing the Registration through RTA Trusted Agents

  • Apart from the online registration renewal, RTA allows renewal through the trusted agents. All you need to follow these steps
  • Pass the car inspection test if your car is over 3 years old or you use it for commercial purposes.
  • contact your insurance provider to renew your insurance policy.
  • Pay all the pending fines and pay the renewal fee through the e-payment portal.
  • Print the registration notice and place it in your car.
  • Decide on how you want to receive the card. RTA may send it through your post office address, courier, or through the RTA agent.

Registration Renewal through the RTA Call Center

The registration renewal through the RTA call center is easy to complete. Pass the car inspection test if your car is over three years old or use it commercially. Call your insurance provider to renew your policy.

At this stage, you can call RTA and select the licensing services. Speak to an operator for your renewal to be successful. Pay all the fines and registration renewal fees, and remember to print the temporary registration notice and place it in your car.

Choose how you would want to receive the registration plate. You can select the post office option or RTA.

The Registration Renewal Process

What to Do After Receiving the New Plate

RTA will process your application within five days. Check whether the size of the plate is longer or shorter than what you requested upon receiving it. The digits on the new plate should match those on the old one.

Replace the old plate with the new one immediately to avoid problems. If the new plate has issues, contact RTA within two working days after receiving the product. They will consider the transaction complete after the two days elapse.

The Car Renewal Charges

The registration renewal charges are as follows in Dubai:

  • Renewal: AED 380
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection: AED 170
  • Courier Services: AED 25
  • Late Fines: AED 25 per month

The Registration of a New Car

Registration of a new car differs from the registration renewal process. While buying a car from a showroom, you do not have to worry because the dealer will do it for you. You can do it through the Roads and Transport Authority service providers or centers.

To complete the registration, you will require a valid residence visa. You will get the residence visa from the immigration and customs department. You will also need the rental contract under your name and proof of employment.

Further, when registering a new car, you will require a traffic file, an original ID, and a copy of your passport. You still need your UAE customs card or possession certificate and sale agreement.

Remember to provide your vehicle insurance, valid for at least 6 months, and the letter from your bank. Take the documents to the RTA center and pay the required fees. The entire registration process takes less than 10 minutes if you have incurred no fines.

RTA will provide you with a car license card, known as Mulkiya Card, and the expiry stickers. You will get your vehicle number plates.

Registration of a Second-Hand Car

Registering a used vehicle is different from that of a new car. When buying the car for an authorized dealer or agency, they will complete the process on your behalf. They will only require certain documents from you. However, if you are buying the car from an individual, you will need a traffic file and a technical inspection certificate.

You will need the vehicle insurance, your original Emirates ID, and that of the seller, a copy of your passport, vehicle license, and copy of residence. Visit a Shamil or Tasjeel center to do the registration and submit the documents. The registration will take place. Pay the service fees to get the vehicle license, new license plates, and expiry stickers.

Registration of a Second Hand Car in Dubai


To continue with your car registration renewal, pay the accrued fines, and the renewal fee. After that, renew your insurance cover and complete the technical inspection test.

If you have black points on your license, visit a police station for clearance. The registration will be valid for one year. Remember to do the renewal on time to avoid fines.

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