Hire Jeep Wrangler on Lease in Dubai

Are you planning an adventurous tour in Dubai? The Jeep Wrangler will be the perfect vehicle choice for you. You can rent the vehicle for a day, a week, or a month and the rental fee is quite reasonable. The rate varies from an average of AED 2999 per week and AED 5999 per month. 

The rental cost covers the standard mileage limit and basic comprehensive insurance. Choosing to hire a jeep Wrangler on lease for your city tour or work trip is convenient and cost-effective.

Why should you choose the Jeep Wrangler?

Different factors determine the kind of vehicle you lease when going on a trip. If you want something sturdy that can withstand any condition, the Jeep Wrangler is a good choice. It is a 4-passenger vehicle with a capacity to accommodate up to three medium-sized bags. 

It is a 2-door SUV with different safety features, such as blind-spot warning, parking assist, fog lights, day-time running lights, SRS airbags, seat belt reminder, front airbags, and butterfly doors. 

It also has a reverse camera, moonroof, adaptive cruise control, cooling seats, parking sensors, tinted windows, rear AC, push-button ignition, and more other features. Everything that you need to make your journey a seamless and comfortable ride is available in the vehicle. 

Steps to Hire 

As mentioned above, you can decide on the duration you want to hire Jeep Wrangler on lease in Dubai. The duration ranges from one-day rental to one week or even a month. It is all about your choice and how long you would need the vehicle. 

If you are a resident or citizen of Dubai, you need to provide your driver’s license, residential visa, Emirates ID, and copies of your passport. For tourists, you have to provide original and copies of your International passport, visiting visa, International driving permit, and driving license of your home country. 

You may be required to make a security deposit of about AED 2500 before you are allowed to drive the vehicle out of the parking lot. To make the rental payment, you can use your credit card or debit card. Some car rental companies accept cash from renters. You may want to check with the car rental company to know the method of payment that is allowed with them.

What Other Costs are Included?

Aside from the rental fee, there are a couple of other fees that you should be prepared for when renting a car in Dubai. The rental cost covers the standard mileage. However, you pay an additional AED 2 per kilometer for every extra mileage. Also, you should be prepared to pay for Salik (Toll charges) when you pass through any of the toll gates across Dubai. It costs only AED 5. 

You may also be asked to pay an additional driver insurance of AED 100 if you want to hire Jeep Wrangler. For optimal protection, you may also want to consider taking out comprehensive insurance for the duration of using the vehicle.


If you are planning to explore Dubai and its environment, the Jeep Wrangler lease Dubai is a nice idea. It is strong and can withstand any terrain or condition. It is also comfortable with ample safety and security features. To hire a jeep wrangler on lease in Dubai, you must be at least 25 years for most rental companies. However, some others may rent it out to you if you are at least 21 years old.


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