Top Must-Have Car Accessories in Dubai

Dubai undoubtedly has a good public transportation system but sometimes, people find it easier to travel at their time, pace, and convenience. In this case, having your car is the best option. Of course, buying a car can be beyond your budget or even priority right now but you can still enjoy the pleasure of driving a private car by renting one. 

Whether you have a private car or you plan to rent one, there are car accessories in Dubai that make your riding experience more seamless, entertaining, and comfortable. 

What Car Accessories in Dubai Should my Car Have?

There are various types of car accessories designed for different purposes. Depending on whom you are and who is riding with you, you may need some while others may not be relevant to you. Here are some of them.

Car Charger

A car charger is one of the top car accessories you should install in your car. Nothing feels as bad as being unable to communicate with family and friends when your phone battery goes flat. Your loved ones become anxious and worried when they cannot reach you while you are away. That is why having a fast car charger installed in your vehicle is very important. 

With a car charger, you remain connected to the world regardless of where you are. When choosing a car charger, choose a pair that is compatible with different phones and tablets and with a dual USB port to enable you to charge up to two devices simultaneously. 

Car Garbage Bin

Having a car garbage bin is smart and cool, especially if you have your family with you. Kids love munching away when traveling. So, you need to be careful. 

With a car garbage bin, you can maintain the cleanliness of your car without doing too much. Instead of throwing the candy and snack wraps on the car floor, they can simply drop them in the car garbage bin and dispose of them properly when you get back to the hotel or your home. 

Car Wedge Cup Holder

If you cannot do without your morning coffee, even if you are in a rush, then you need the car wedge cup holder. Imagine splashing hot coffee, tea, or beverage on yourself while holding your drink during a ride. 

With this item installed in your car, you would not have to go through the scalding and stains that come with the above scenario. The car wedge cup holder holds up to two cups and some also come with extra storage space for accessories and phones. .

Baby Car Backseat Mirror

You need extra precaution and safety features when driving with a baby in the car. That is why installing a backseat mirror is a smart choice. With it, you can monitor your baby easily without frequently turning around. 

You can drive freely and calmly and still watch your child and the same time without issues. If you have a child, the baby car backseat mirror is very important for you.

Dashboard Phone Holder

It has been reported that most road accidents are caused by loss of concentration by the driver and receiving phone calls is a major culprit of this. To avoid accidents and the pain that comes with them, you should have a dashboard phone holder in your car. With it, you can freely answer phone calls and use the GPS without taking your eyes off the road. 


These are the top five must-have car accessories in Dubai. They make driving easier and more seamless. If you are renting a car in Dubai, you should also look out for these accessories in your rental vehicle.


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