Cheapest Malls in Dubai

Apart from the skyscrapers and the parks in Dubai, one fun activity to engage in is shopping in the malls of the beautiful city. Dubai is one of the dream cities to go and it is always good to purchase something that will remind you of your visit to Dubai i.e clothes, accessories, and footwear.

Even with the biggest shopping malls available in Dubai that will require you to come with a heavy budget to get one of the best stocks in town, there are still some shops in the community with cheap products you can get. There are definitions as to what is cheap, depends on what you are looking for.

Also, stating cheap doesn’t mean the products these malls sell are inferior. Most sell it because of competition from rival malls and to boost the stature of their mall. Irrespective of the reason, it is best you take advantage of these malls and get a quality product at an affordable price.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of 10 shopping malls where you can purchase some products at a cheap rate.


1. The Outlet Village

This is a Dubai themed Italian mall. They sell branded products at an affordable price. Part of the brands sold here include;  Galleries, Coach, Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli, Nike among others.

One of the most attractive things about this mall is the heavy discounts they offer their customers. They offer a whopping 50% discount on their branded bags. There was a period they slashed their party dresses to a  very minimal price and other brands with cheap crazy deals. In my opinion, this shopping mall is a must-go, take advantage and snatch some of these deals while you are in Dubai.


2. Dubai Outlet Mall

This mall focus on fashion and lifestyle brands. They are popular for selling stocks from brands like Harvey, Bloomingdale’s, and Boutique 1 at a slashed price. Some of the big-name designers are Adidas, Givenchy, Tods, and Stella McCartney. So you see, these malls don’t just sell cheap stuff, they sell quality products at an affordable value.

Aside from the quality products they sell, the mall itself is attractive, designed with quality interior decoration. If you are obsessed with branded clothes and footwear, you can get loads of them in this shopping mall at affordable rates.


3. Garderobe

Purchasing a luxury brand may not be budget-friendly but have you thought of getting them at a cheap price? Garderobe is the right store for this purpose!

They sell pre-owned luxury products from popular brands like Chanel, McQueen, Celine at an affordable price tag. The product price ranges from $135 – $10,000. This store is best suited for retailers because they can get bulks of these luxury products at cheap prices.

They also allow their customers to order products from the comfort of their homes through their online platform.

4. Retold Shopping Mall

Retold mainly sells second-hand clothes. So if you are watching your budget yet you still want to get a lot of clothes, it is not bad at all to spend your money on second-hand clothes. You can purchase many of it and still hold some change back in your pocket.

The founder of the mall, Sian Rowlands encourages customers not to be concerned about the fast-growing trends of fashion as more trends will keep coming, instead, they should stick to long-lasting and well-made clothes.

Their second-hand products rank from high street fashion and designer labels so, it is worth a try.

5. Brands For Less And Tchibo

Unlike retold shopping malls, these stores are always updated with the latest trends hence the sort of products they sell. Tchibo products are from Germany and they are low priced but quality products. Brands for fewer sell products for both gender. If you are a trendy type that loves to update your wardrobe every time, this is the right store for you.

6. Bagatelle Boutique

This mall is similar to Garderobe and Retold.  They also sell pre-owned luxury brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton,  and Hermes all at an affordable rate. Aside from selling products, they also guarantee you an option to sell your used products to upgrade your wardrobe to the latest trend.

7. Dragon Mart

They sell cheap products of all kinds whether it is clothes, footwear or accessories. The mall is big and its products are mainly from China. You can get everything you want here because they diversify their products. Part of their major brand outlet is H&M and Mata.

You can imagine getting all you ever need in one place at this mall.

8. Wafi Mall

This is an Egyptian themed complex in Dubai. They sell all kinds of designer brands old at an affordable price. WAFI mall also has Khan Murjan Souk, it was recreated to look like 14 century Baghdad giving it a taste of old-fashion. Arab vendors come to this mall to sell their traditional Arabian souvenirs i.e Turkish rugs, lanterns among others at an affordable price.

Visit Wafi Mall in Dubai

9. Global village

Apart from the theme park and a Hub, you can go on a shopping spree to this mall. The mall is in the same location as the theme park and the Hub, so after having your fun, you can cap the whole day by purchasing some nice products from the mall. They sell their clothes at very cheap prices mostly between November and April. If you visit Dubai around this period, then you should visit the Global Village.

Visit Global Village in Dubai

10. Al-Karama

This pegs the last on the list but not the least. This mall is located on the outskirts of Dubai. It is a suitable location for buyers with a low budget. Since the price is not fixed, you can get them for lower prices so long you have a good bargaining spirit.

Goods sold at AED 500 in normal shopping malls can surprisingly drop to AED 100 or lower in Karama. Among the products they sell are Handbags, Shoes, Wristwatches, Clothing, and Souvenirs.

Al-Karama is a 20-minutes ride from the main city, it will do you no harm to visit the place.

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