Reasons to Rent a Car from Dubai Mall

Millions of people from all parts of the world travel to Dubai each year to witness the many attractions. Besides tourism, Dubai is an industrial hub for various international corporations for that reason, it appeals to many business people.

Dubai Mall stands as the largest shopping mall in Dubai and the globe today. People associate it with gold-plated sports cars and space-age skylines. If you want to live large, it is the place to go first after landing in Dubai.

The shopping mall spans over 13 million square feet, with over 200 eateries and 1200 stores. Also, it offers many entertainment and leisure options in this place. To reach the Dubai Mall, you just need to hire one of the cheap car rentals in Dubai. Dubai car rentals are cheaper than taxis and more convenient than public transport.

Dubai car rental companies offer many types of cars, and you will, therefore, find one to match your needs in Dubai for a business trip or a family vacation, you will find one to match your specs and schedule.

What Dubai Mall Offers

Need jewelry and clothing from some of the coveted labels on the globe.? visit Dubai at least once. On the Fashion Avenue, you will find over 80 top-notch boutiques from brands like Gucci and Dior. The flagship stores like Saint Laurent and Rolex have something to offer too.

Besides, if your goal is to browse fashion, homeware, and accessories in one area, you do that. Visit the French Export Galleries Layette and Bloomingdale’s outpost. Further, visit the Level shoe stores for a Cinderella moment. The 96,000 square foot store offers the latest pairs from Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Manolo Blahnik, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Shop for various inexpensive labels from the UK, Europe, and the USA, such as Mango, COS, Zara, and Ralph Lauren. you can visit The Village for sports, denim, and leisurewear. If you need the most recent high-tech gadgets, the electronics hub on the second floor offers that.

Buy gold jewelry, souvenirs, carpets, and perfumes in The Souk. The Souk is a large marketplace offering over 200 tiny stores.

Visit Dubai Mall for Amazing Offers

Where to Eat When in Dubai Mall

You will need to eat after covering several miles in the Dubai Mall. The mall allows you to try several meals. Dubai Fountain on the ground floor, allows you to recharge with a cake and coffee.

Try grills, vibrant salads, and various drinks in Wafi Gourmet, and Cafe Bateel. Magnolia Bakery, Hummingbird, Angelina, Aubaine, and Cereal Killer Cafe also offer something.

Eat When Visiting Dubai Mall

The Activities to Try

Dubai Mall offers more than food and fashion. It provides many leisure and entertainment options for you to try. First, you can visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to see the aquatic creatures. When there, sign up for feeding of baby crocodile or otters.

Second, take spins around the ice skating rink and test your skills in the flight simulator. Further, you can take your kids to blow off steam at KidZania or watch films at the Reel Cinemas.

Activities to Try in Dubai Mall

The Neighborhood

Many impressive sights surround the Dubai Mall. You will spend a few minutes to reach the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building on the globe. The building has 160 stories. When on the top, you can view the Dubai dunes, the Arabian Sea, and skyscrapers.

Still, you can enjoy various meals at At. Mosphere on the 122nd floor. Before reaching Burj Khalifa, you can stop at the Dubai Fountain. The choreographed fountain show offers five-minute light, music, and water spectacle from 6 pm.

The half-hour show takes runs once in the evening and twice during lunchtime. Book a seat on the abra boat or the Boardwalk to float 30 feet of the choreographed fountain, try some food at the Souk Al Bahar.

This place offers many shops and restaurants that overlook the Burj Khalifa Lake, you can enjoy cocktails in one of the luxury hotels.

Getting to Dubai Mall

To get to the Dubai Mall, use Dubai Metro and Alight at Dubai Mall Station/Burj Khalifa. After that, follow the Metro Link Bridge to reach the mall’s entrance. If you have a car, you will find the valet parking helpful.


Why Choose a Rental Car from Dubai Mall

1. No Dependence on Public Transportation

Public transport is time-consuming, unpredictable, and tiring. Again, the distances might increase if you are trying to reach many attractions. Further, most public transportation options will not give you end-to-end rides.

For that reason, you will walk to reach your destinations. The harsh weather, along with the inconveniences, makes car rentals a better choice.

2. Reliable and Easy to Use

Car rentals are more about comfort. You can travel to any place and stop as many times as you want. Therefore, you will never miss a sight or worry about missing a bus.

Reliable and Easy to Use Car Rental in Dubai

3. Car Rental Companies in Dubai Offer Many Choices

Car rental companies will not limit you to a single-car choice. You can try any car you want, whether you plan to rent for a day, week, or month. For that reason, consider the features you need in a car before booking.

That way, you will get the car you need. Contact us for help. Our team will help you identify cheap deals in the UAE.

Car Rental Companies in Dubai Offer Many Choices in Dubai

4. Low Costs and Many Amazing Deals

The number of car rental companies in Dubai is very high. Expect competitive car rental prices. Unlike taxis, car rentals are cost-effective and will encourage you to stay in the country for a long time with some research, you will find various good deals in the area. We are here to help you.

5. Cover Longer Distances

Public transport and taxis will limit you to some routes. you will walk further from the drop off point to the specific place you want to go.  However, after renting a car, you can use it at a flexible time of the day and travel to any place. Cover as long distance as you want and carry your luggage properly.

Cover Longer Distances with Car Rental Service in Dubai



You will enjoy many benefits by renting a car from Dubai Mall. Car rentals are more convenient and comforting, but they are also affordable. They allow you to choose a car to match your needs. For example, you can choose an SUV or a Mercedes when moving to a business meeting or a van when traveling as a group.

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