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City Walk Dubai is among the key destinations for people traveling to the UAE. The place offers a large collection of interconnected buildings. Further, it has been expanding rapidly. Today, it provides many restaurants, shops, and attractions for travelers and residents. This family-friendly shopping district opened its doors for the first time in 2013, but it came to life in the year 2015. It expanded further in 2016, and the expansion has never stopped since.

Travelers have a chance to enjoy various recipes at unlicensed places. Try the big ice cream sundae or some coffee to end your day. Further, you can lighten up your wallet at any of the designer stores or spend some time in the rainforest. However, you will need a rental car for comfortable travel. With a good rental car, you can move to any place at any time and take part in many activities. Here are the tips you need to get cheap rental cars in City Walk Dubai.

1. Start Your Shopping Online

Before opting for any car rental option, do a quick online search. After finding a good deal, open the rental company website. Some companies provide discounts for customers who select the “Pay Now” option. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the car rental companies will not refund any amount you pay in advance. After paying the booking fee, continue shopping. You might identify better deals in City Walk Branch.

Start Your Shopping Online

2. Choose the Discount Brands

The big-name companies offer a wide range of cars for their customers. However, discount brands are a good choice for people in need of cheap car rentals in City Walk Branch. Discount rental car companies will charge lower than the big-name companies per day. You will, therefore, save a large amount of money when renting for a long period.

3. Go for the Economy Cars

Economy cars are inexpensive to rent. Even though the car rental company would want you to believe that a larger car will only cost you a few dollars per day, factors like insurance coverage and taxes will increase the amount highly. You are the person to determine whether the extra per day is worth spending. An economy car will offer adequate space when traveling alone or with your family.

Even more, an economy car will consume lesser fuel than large cars consume. The savings on fuel costs will add up at the end of the day. Again, the car rental companies will offer a chance to upgrade the car rental if a need arises. But still, you should avoid renting something very small. You would never want to cram five people and their luggage into a coupe. Perhaps, you want to travel comfortably.

4. Book the Car for Only One Driver

Rental car companies in Dubai will charge you an extra fee for any additional driver. Enterprise charges are high per day for every additional driver.

Some car companies waive the additional driver fee for domestic partners or spouses. Nonetheless, all the drivers should have the same address on their license. Others waive the extra fee for partners, spouses, and immediate family members after they enroll in any of their membership programs. Besides, you can leverage some membership programs to avoid the extra charge.

5. Use Your Car Insurance Policy

Car rental companies in Dubai will try to sell their Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). The insurance policy will cover all damages incurred in the event of an accident. The insurance is not bad, but you have to avoid it because it will increase your car rental expenses.

If you already have an auto insurance cover and you require the rental car for personal use, you do not need the CDW. Nonetheless, you will still be responsible for your car insurance deductible. Car rental insurance policies have no deductible, but personal auto insurance policies do. So, in case of a loss or damage, you will be responsible for the deductible amount.

Additionally, credit card companies offer rental insurance for their customers. They offer insurance as one of their travel protection packages. For that reason, contact your credit card company to know whether they have any insurance policy for travelers. You will end up saving more on the car rental.

6. Stick to the Fuel Policy

When renting a car, the car rental company will require you to sign up for their fuel policy. If the company has a full-to-full fuel tank policy, you should adhere to it. In other words, you have to refill the tank before returning the car. They will charge you for the top-up if they realize that the fuel level is lower than the initial level. They are likely to charge you more than you would pay to refill at a petrol station. Moreover, you will pay an admin fee for the problems you caused.

Stick to the Fuel Policy

Use websites to identify the nearby gas stations and compare the prices. Factor in the possibility of having an empty tank. During your weekend trips, you might only need to top off the tank when returning the car. A long trip will allow you to save more money on fuel. You have to stick to the fuel policy to avoid extra charges.

7. Avoid the Extras

Rental car companies will sell you extras to make more money. So, when possible, you should avoid the satellite radio, roadside assistance service, and GPS navigation. You can avoid it and use your Google Maps or Waze for navigation. Alternatively, you can download directions onto your phone before starting your journey.

Wrap Up

Car rental companies in Dubai offer a wide range of cars. They provide both luxury and economy cars for travelers and residents. But because no company is exactly like the other, you should expect some to charge higher than others do. To avoid paying more than you should, read the above tips. They will help you save on car rental each time you travel to the UAE.

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