Range Rover Lease Deals 

You can rent and self-drive a Range Rover in Dubai without denting a hole in your wallet. You can choose a flexible Range Rover leasing plan that lets you use the vehicle per day, per week, or even per month. 

That means you can drive a Range Rover for as long as you want without necessarily paying the value of the vehicle. If you love a luxurious vehicle and you do not have a budget to purchase one, you can consider the options of leasing one, which is more comfortable and easy to finance. 

What are the Simple Steps to Lease Range Rover in Dubai?

If you are visiting Dubai and want to explore the city in comfort and luxury, a Range is one of the luxurious vehicles you can choose. In this part, we will look at the simple steps to help you lease a Range Rover in Dubai without stress.

  • Search the internet for different car rental companies’ sites in Dubai to locate the model of Range Rover that you want.
  • Use the price comparison tool available online to compare the prices. Shortlist a few that falls within your budget.
  • Go through each website in detail to see the requirements for renting a car. Usually, you will be required to submit some documents in addition to other requirements by the car rental company. 

The documents you have to present will depend on whether you are a resident or a tourist. For residents, you have to present your Emirate ID and valid driver’s license, among others. 

For tourists, you need to present your passport, visiting visa, driver’s license from your home country, and international driving permit, among others. You should also note that you must be at least 21 years old before you can rent a car in Dubai. 

Some car rental companies may not allow you to choose Range Rover leasing Dubai if you are below the age of 23 years.

  • Choose the car rental company whose requirements meet your preference and fill out the rental form on the site. Provide the necessary information required on the online form and submit the form.
  • A reservation specialist from the company will get in touch with you with the next step in your booking process. You may be asked to pick up the ride from the car rental company or they can deliver it to your location at a cost or no extra fee, depending on the car rental company.
  • You must ensure that you maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle all through your leasing period.

What is included in the Leasing Agreement?

Usually, the standard mileage limit will be included based on the rental fee. Also, the agreement will detail the insurance coverage on the vehicle as well as the RTA regulations. 

Some things are excluded from the Agreement and they include Salik toll fees, fuel, additional mileage charges, valet fees, and parking, and VAT. If you incur any traffic fine, you will be responsible for the payment all through the leasing period.


Leasing a Range Rover in Dubai is easy. All you need is to have the required documents and meet the age requirement. Whether you need a Range Rover for business trips or leisure rides, you can choose Range Rover leasing Dubai for an exquisite transportation experience in Dubai. 


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