The Best Outdoor Activities in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is among the top tourist destinations. A century ago, the country only offered crumbling forts, dunes, and fishing villages. Today, everything has changed. The country has grown into a headline-grabbing destination that provides a blend of rampant consumerism and traditional Islamic culture.

Some of the things that define the country are opulent resort hotels, innovative mega projects, and ultra-modern architecture. You will further witness several artificial islands that resemble palm trees. However, if you are looking for a list of outdoor activities to try in this country, this one will be helpful.

– Swimming

One of the outdoor activities to try when in the UAE between April and September is swimming. The weather is usually super-hot at that time, and you will want to cool your body from time to time. The country offers numerous swimming pools. You will always find a beautiful swimming pool regardless of the location. Furthermore, you will have the option of spending some of your time at the beach.

– Camping

Camping is more adventurous than swimming. The great news is that the UAE offers many camping-friendly sites for all travelers. Besides, desert camping allows you to try other activities like dune quad biking and dune bashing with your family and friends. Unfortunately, it might be impossible to camp in the desert in the hot summer months. The weather is usually hot and humid.

Camping in UAE

So, if one of your dreams is to try desert camping, you will have to travel to the UAE during the Winter months – between October and March. The day temperature is usually below 20 degrees Celsius. You will have to layer up because the temperature can fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

– Kayak through Abu Dhabi Mangroves

A kayaking tour allows you to explore the Eastern Mangroves of Abu Dhabi. You will be provided with all the equipment you need to complete this tour, which takes around 2 hours. Furthermore, you will get guidance from experienced trainers before starting your journey. The experts will guide you through the many channels and educate you on marine life and birds.

During your kayaking tour, you can swim halfway or rest at the beach. Most travelers claim that the journey is taxing, but you will have complimentary fruit salads to energize you. What’s more, Abu Dhabi is an essential destination for individuals who want to learn the emirates’ culture.

– Hike around Hatta

The widely known Hajar Mountains surround Hatta. Other than that, it provides many troughs and undulating peaks ideal for hiking—Trek along the Wadis near the foothills of the mountain, near the Oman border. The terrain in this place varies from sharp rocks to sandy patches. Also, hiking provides the sense of peace you need and many things for you to explore. Discovering Hatta by foot allows you to experience the largest national park in Dubai.

– Mountain Bike in Hatta

Mountain biking allows you to explore the hills in the Hatta region in a better way. The area has fantastic signposted mountain-biking trails. All mountain-biking routes in this area are signposted for your safety. You will have to cover the 50 km trails that range from easy (green) to severe (black) for the best mountain-biking experience. Still, you can download the trail maps from the website or get one from the trail-heads.

The starting point is in Wadi, on the eastern side of the town. Wadi area provides toilets, bike hire shops, campgrounds, and car parks. It is currently under development as the “Wadi Adventure Hub.” If you plan to spend several of your days biking in this area, you can hire a tent and sleep – Try the Jebel Jais Flight

– Jabel Jais Flight

The highest peak in the UAE is home to one of the most extended zip lines globally – the Jebel Jais Flight. To reach the mountain, you will have to navigate a 30 km snaking road that leads to the top. It is a scenic experience for most drivers. The best news is that you can use any type of car to reach the peak. 

However, you will have to drive to Toroverde Ras Al Khaimah Parking first. Here, the host will confirm your reservation details and guide you to Jabel Jais Adventure Center through a shuttle service. You can further visit the Gift Shop at the Adventure Center and enjoy various refreshments and snacks.

Reach a speed between 120kph and 150kph when flying down the 2.83km zipline, 1,680 meters above sea level. You will find certified professionals waiting for you at the suspended state-of-the-art platform. This 10-ton structure hangs in the middle of the mountain around 1,200 meters above sea level. Also, it is 50 meters above the ground. You will enjoy many beautiful views before exiting through the 50 meters zip line towards the ground.

– Snorkel around the Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is among the popular destinations in Fujairah. The island measures 120 m by 80 m, and it is named after three rock sections that rise to make the bulging belly, nose, and feet.Snorkel around the Snoopy Island


The island is a haven for professional divers, snorkelers, and honeymooners. It is also among the best-kept secrets of the UAE. The island is situated off the Fujairah coast, around 2 hours drive from Dubai. Clear waters and beautiful coral reefs characterize this place.

– Quad biking Through Dubai Desert

Quad biking is a fun experience for lovers of outdoor activities. Riding a massive bike on the fantastic desert terrains without restrictions is incomparable. You can also take any route within the driving area and enjoy your time.

The four-wheeler are a perfect way of getting away from the crowded areas and the traditional routes. You will have more fun with your friends and family if you observe all the safety measures. Many travel companies in Dubai provide a desert safari + quad biking combo for their clients.

– Rock Climbing

If your goal is to try extreme activities, rock climbing and mountaineering should be on your list. Rock climbing is an excellent way of exercising your body. Further, some people use it as a stress therapy. Try it as a group for your safety.

– Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning allows you to catch beautiful landscape views of most parts of the UAE. The number of companies providing such sort of service has increased recently. However, you will have to ensure that the company you choose will help you achieve your dreams.


The United Arab Emirates has many outdoor activities for travelers. You can try mountaineering, snorkeling, swimming, camping, air ballooning, or even quad biking in the desert. After that, you can shop in one of the largest malls. You will have many things to take home. Lastly, remember to take a few pictures.

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