Best Car Brands in UAE

Today we may find many expensive and affordable cars available in the great country of UAE. Here is a brief and comprehensive list of the top-notch car brands in UAE that may offer you the chance to drive in style and luxury. 

Remember that this is not an exhaustive list, but you may take for granted that most Arabians like to ride such vehicles for leisure and work.


It’s one of the most appreciated car brand since Germany has been a trusted commercial partner for the Gulf countries. All the models are luxurious and offer drivers top safety and high-speed experience. 

Today Mercedes-Benz has started to invest in electric vehicles representing the future trend. That makes the UAE a welcoming country for such cars since they combine luxury with economy and zero carbon emissions.


There is no way we can omit BMW from the list of the top car brands that sell more in the country. BMW has a great variety of cars, from convertibles to SUVs. It’s one of the few luxury car brands that still invest and show progress in the area of thermal internal combustion engines. 

UAE has been one of the first oil-producing countries in the Gulf region, and that’s why BMW diesel and petrol cars are still welcome in the region.


The Japanese automotive industry’s most appreciated brand -Toyota- has a strong presence in the UAE. It has been the first eastern Asian brand to found a factory in the UAE, and that’s why it belongs to the top brands without any doubt.

It has recently invested heavily in electric vehicles and SUVs that make transportations in the desert easier. Toyota has combined the sports utility vehicles with the great endurance to dust and warm weather conditions likely to occur in the UAE throughout most of the year.

Its cars are affordable for the median UAE family and have a lot of facilities to ensure that everyone can find one matching their needs and aspirations.


We all know the strong political and economic relations of the United States and the UAE. Ford has been the premium company offering the American automotive industry throughout the whole world, and it couldn’t be missing from the top list. 

UAE residents like to buy semi-trucks and SUVs with a huge petrol capacity since gas consumption has never been an issue in this Gulf country that is full of oil reserves. Lately, we have also seen some of the latest Ford luxurious sedans become the prime selling vehicles in the country since they have the best and most powerful thermal engines among all other companies.


Germany’s premium middle-class car brand couldn’t be absent from the UAE market. It seems like one of the best car brands, especially for people living in Dubai or other big cities. 

Traffic could be unbearable in such places, so people who live and need to transport in such big cities ask for smaller and easier gas consumption cars. Volkswagen has been promoting its huge electric cars collection lately, which has been a must in some UAE cities and especially the corporate world.

UAE is one of the premium markets for all automotive industries to sell their vehicles. The demand for all the top car brands in UAE remains strong, and that is a trend less likely to change in the following decades.

The country also attracts many people from Europe or America to work in multinational companies meaning that it’s a new and thriving market for all car companies.


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