Traffic Infractions to Avoid in the UAE

When visiting Dubai, you must be aware of all traffic laws and violations that could land you in jail or result in a large fine. Dubai is only one of the great UAE country’s Emirates, but it has the most tourists and traffic. It is also common among tourists to rent a car in Dubai. The rental cars enable them to drive freely anywhere in the country. However, police authorities are stationed on all the major roads and have a keen eye for catching the people who violate any traffic law. Beware of the following infractions on the road while driving your car rental in Dubai to avoid penalties.

Speed Limit

First, one of the most common traffic violations is a speed limit breach. There are signs everywhere on the roads of Dubai about the speed limit. If you overpass the limit even by one mile per hour, that will alarm the Police, who are checking the roads through an expensive traffic camera system.

It’s useless to deny you were speeding as all vehicles are getting recorded on the road, and it’s easy to apply software that shows your exact speed. That violation could give you a huge fine or even drive you to jail for some days.

Red Traffic Light

Disobeying the red traffic light violation can lead you into serious trouble. Drivers who deny stopping at the red light are considered criminals under UAE law and could get prosecuted right on the spot.

Even though local drivers know how harsh it is to get prosecuted, many tourists are unaware of that legislation and pass with a red light, which makes them have trouble with the law.

Parking Violations

Indeed, you cannot park anywhere you like in the busy Dubai streets. That’s why parking violations are among the most common traffic violations in UAE that may give you a high fine that you need to pay immediately and before you abandon the country.

The police authorities, alongside the municipal police, are given the right to inspect the roads and check the odometers. If you have parked your car in the wrong spot, you may not even find it when you return since the police have a tow service to remove cars parked in the forbidden place.

Driving on The Road Shoulder

Driving on the shoulder lane is also considered a major traffic offense. The Police could charge you a big fine if they catch you doing it.

Not Keeping The Right Distance

Finally, we believe that Dubai Police enforces a strict policy against drivers who don’t keep the right distance from the vehicles ahead. Not keeping that distance means you are driving aggressively and could get into a major accident. Even when a camera catches you not keeping your distance, you can get a fine, so it’s better to drive carefully when hitting the Dubai highways.

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