Ultimate Comparison of 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser vs 2022 Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser are two cars that are tough rivals, where both have almost equal sales and the same pricing. In this article, we’ve written an ultimate face-off comparison of the two greatest rivalries in the SUV category:

Engine and Power

Of course, the thing that matters the most about an SUV is the power. It is all about power and performance. In the latest Nissan Patrol, you’ll get a 5.6 liters 8 cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 400 HP of power at 5,600 RPM. There’s no wonder that Nissan is offering a true beast engine in the family SUV category.

On the other hand, Land Cruiser’s 300 series might not be as powerful as Patrol. It comes with a 3.2 liter 6 cylinder twin-turbo engine. The Land Cruiser’s engine is capable of producing 298 Horsepower. 

Therefore, it’s clear that from the power and engine side, Nissan Patrol takes the edge. With a 400 HP V8 5.6 liter engine, it wins this section.

Handling and Maneuvering

Land Cruiser offers the same old-school coil suspensions, IFS, and a 4×4 axle system optimized electronically for off-roading and hill-down assistance. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer any height adjustments or suspension modes. The GT model does offer comfort, sport, and amp modes. 

On the Patrol side, it comes with a Hydraulic Body Motion Control Suspension HBMC, or in simple language, it’s a hydraulic suspension. All the variants of Patrol come with three suspension modes: sport, comfort, and off-road. 

The hydraulic suspension offers a superior ride experience, better maneuvering, and immediate response to the coil suspensions of the Land Cruiser.


Both SUVs are known for their off-road functionalities and features. On the Land Cruiser side, it offers all the basic to advanced off-road features that you can expect from a premium-class SUV. Moreover, the LC is more optimized from the electronic side for off-roading. 

It excels on the off-road side with its down-assist hill, traction control, auto-braking, off-road mode, torque control mode, and many other electronic off-road assistance. On the Patrol side, it doesn’t offer electronic off-road assistance as the LC but still performs very well. 


Both cars come with six airbags, four on the front side and two on the rear window side. Both cars offer auto-braking, lane assist, auto-parking, ABS, VSA, parking sensors, and adaptive cruise control. On the safety side, both SUVs are equal.

Audio System

For some people, the audio system might be the point to consider before renting a car. Nissan Patrol offers excellent BOSE™ sound with six speakers, four on the door, and two twitters on the blind spot of the windshield.

While the Land Cruiser offers generic six speakers. The quality of LC’s speakers is good but not as good as BOSE™ in Patrol.

Features and Design

On the features side, both cars offer power steering, steering media controls, 8′ infotainment display, tri-zone climate control, DRls, projector headlamps, electronic hand brake, sunroof, heated seats, parking sensors, parking cameras, remote start, and many other features.

Both cars’ interior is wrapped in leather, with real wood on the dashboard. However, we like the Nissan Patrol’s interior and dashboard on a personal note. It looks modern, premium and gives stylish aesthetics. Land Cruiser’s interior looks like an old 2014’s Mitsubishi Pajero. 

Verdict of Land Cruiser vs. Nissan Patrol

Overall, both cars are up to the market. Both are superior on their sides. E,g for power, Patrol is the best choice, and for Luxury and aesthetics, Land Cruiser is the best choice. It depends on the user, what they want, their requirements, and their buying decision.

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