Steps to Remove Black Points from License

Black Points are designed to maintain traffic safety. They are best described as score points that show that you are breaking traffic rules. In total, there are twenty-four black points. Any driver that scores this total gets a one-year suspension of license.

Different actions qualify you for scoring these points but the good news is that you can remove them. 

What are Black Points?

Black Points show your traffic rules maintenance level and demonstrate how good you are as a driver. Anytime you commit a traffic crime, you will earn some black points and be charged with a fine

When this happens, your driving license will be withdrawn and you get banned from driving for a year. The minimum black points a driver can earn are two.

How to Check Black Points on License in Dubai?

Different actions qualify for irresponsible behavior behind the wheels and specific points are located to each irresponsible driving behavior. The minimum point you can get for each crime is two points while the maximum is 24 points.

Black points for each offense

The driving crimes that attract the lowest black points are poor rear light condition and poor indicator condition. For each of these offenses, you get two black points. Here are some traffic offenses that can get you into major trouble.

  • · Prohibited heavy vehicle entry: 4 Black Points
  • Use of horn in prohibited areas: 2 Black Points
  • · Flouting loading and unloading rules at designated areas: 4 Black Points
  • · Driving without car insurance: 4 Black Points
  • · Driving against the traffic: 4 Black Points
  • · Reckless Driving: 23 Black Points
  • · Transporting Passengers illegally: 24 Black Points
  • · Drink and Driving: 23 Black Points
  • · Driving without a plate number: 23 Black Points
  • · Transporting Hazardous or inflammable materials without permission or illegally: 24 Black Points

How many black points are allowed in Dubai?

The maximum number of black points allowed in Dubai is 24. On reaching that limit, your driving license will be suspended. While the lowest points are two. Please note that these points are allocated on behalf of the seriousness of the violation that you have made. You can follow the best practices to avoid any trouble while driving in Dubai. The purpose of this system is to minimize traffic offense (high-risk).

Steps to Remove Black Points from License

You can remove points from your license if you are stuck. Here are some options on how to remove black points from License.

  1. Contact the local police. You can visit the Dubai Police Portal to check the local police contacts in your location and call them to know the best way to remove the black points on your license.
  2. Take a safe driving training course. You can check the Dubai Police Portal to find details of these courses and when they usually run them.
  3. Take a driving course with the Emirates Policy Authority. You can find more details of what this entails on the Dubai Police website.

Without a doubt, black points can get you into serious trouble. Therefore, drive right to avoid them after getting a fresh start. By reading about black points in detail, you can also avoid traffic fines. 

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