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Dubai is a city made for value-oriented travelers and tourism. The mesmerizing human made city welcomes a large number of people from different continents. The tourist concern of visiting varies from leisure activities to small businesses in the town. However, when it comes to getting the best rental vehicles, people tend towards Rental Cars UAE. 

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  • Bluetooth
  • navigation
  • Cruise Control
  • Reverse Camera
  • Parking Sensor
  • 2500 Kms
  • Deposit: 5000
  • Excess Claim: 5000
  • Free Delivery
  • Free Cancellation
  • Android Car Play
  • Apple Car Play

You can also book cars from big car rental service providers such as Dollar rent a car. Their vehicle fleet is accessible through our company dealers. As a matter of fact, in Dubai people would rather book a car on rent instead of purchasing one. Because Dollar Car rental booking process is quite easy to comprehend for even new people. 

Reliable Cars to travel in Dubai 

Although you will find plenty of reliable cars in Dubai but know that car purchase has many complications. Like, going through the whole documentation process with loads of money. Meanwhile, public transport seems to be reliable. 

Like not having the option to choose your favorite car brand or car type. More so, you will have a strict schedule to follow while selecting the metro to travel to Dubai. Despite the fact, many areas (hidden spots) of Dubai cannot be reached from the metro. It is possible to reach with taxis, but they will cost a considerable amount each time.

Reliable Cars to Rent in Dubai


Rental Cars offer satisfaction according to your taste 

Public transport can never satisfy your need if you love to drive freely on the roads. The traveling in Dubai by self is made quite easy with essential information regarding road navigation. Think of the Dubai roads as a place that is made with the sole purpose of driving cars around the city. 

However, if you are afraid to get into any trouble our car rental agents with guide you. Through every step of the way, you will get complete assistance to reach your destination safely. If you are still not convinced to book a car from Dollar rent a car read some interesting points below. 

Get Luxury & Comfort with Dollar rent a car 

The modern world has made our daily routine so much difficult. In the cumbersome of huge responsibilities, taking some off time is an ideal choice. Dubai is a famous city for tourism sound like the right vacation spot. You can visit any time of the year to spend some quality time. 

However, the first thought that comes to mind during a tour is relaxation and comfort. With Dollar rent a car you will get an amazing fleet of vehicles to make your vacation memorable. You can search the car you desire and rent it online or book your car in advance. 

Moreover, with rental cars, you get a lot of luxury by driving the car according to your requirement. Additionally, if you lack experience in driving Dollar offers professional drivers. More so, with a few additional charges, you will get an additional driver. 

Freedom to Drive & Explore 

In the hustle and bustle of the modern urban city, one may feel the urge to acquire some freedom. Public transportation has so many complications along with discomforting limitations. 

Dubai is must visit a spot where you do not want to miss any attraction due to the restriction of resources.

Freedom to Travel in Dubai

These obstacles can make your vacation an unpleasant experience. So, the best way to cope with obstruction is to get a car lease from Dollar rent a car. More so, while traveling in Dubai a reliable car is compulsory to make your tour smooth. 

If you do not want to look like a tourist, the rental car in Dubai helps you merge as a local. Furthermore, the rental cars come with a local number plate that allows you to explore the extravagant life of Dubai. 


Dollar Car rental Offers Comprehensive insurance plans

Any professional driver can get caught in a problematic situation while driving at a new place. But the difference between public transport, personal cars, and rental cars is noteworthy. 

In case of an emergency in public transport like an accident, you will not have to pay for the vehicle damage. But the damage that will occur to you or if you are traveling with a family member will not have any cover. 

On the other hand, while traveling by a personal car you will have an extensive list of bills. Firstly, you will have to pay for personal care damage. Secondly, you will have a great expense of maintenance by the end.

In contrast to these factors, traveling by a rental car, Dollar rent a car will cover you. The comprehensive insurance plans will help to cope up with the damage of the vehicle. More importantly, full insurance also covers personal care damage. So, before making a decision know which mode of transportation has more advantages.  

Dollar Car Rentals Car Maintenance & Roadside Assistance

Dollar rent a car is popular because of the quality service along with well-maintained vehicles. It is unusual that your rental car breakdown during the journey. But if it happens the Dollar rent a car will offer you complete roadside assistance. You can contact me for help at any hour of the day as per your requirement. 

Roads Pathway in Dubai

Moreover, you can also access to unexceptional events such as if you lost your key somewhere. Due to unpaved roads, one could easily experience problems with the tire. If you are traveling to such an area know that Dollar car rental will cover you with spare tire mounting service. 

You can achieve a luxury treatment such as out of gas service, lights left on or car battery is dead. Furthermore, the Dollar car rental company offers a 90-minute roadside service to all its customers. 

Reasons to rent from Dollar Rent a Car

A large number of people prefer to rent a car from suppliers like Dollar and drive themselves. A study by concluded that twice as many drivers would prefer to rent a car than buy one.

Those who are planning to rent a car in Dubai can proceed with the idea. Because it will help you in improving your city trips. Public transport in the city is indeed well-developed. However, you cannot rely on it for getting to some parts of Dubai.

The overall design of Dubai is just like it is a city made for cars. It has many roads created with your safety in mind. Whether you are a seasoned driver on these roads or a new one, there are easy-to-read and comprehended signs for navigation.

The freedom and independent feelings that you get when driving yourself in Dubai are mesmerizing. That is why there exist several car rentals, with Dollar featuring as one of the best. If unsure about where to rent a car, Dollar car rental could be a viable choice.

However, these are the following five reasons to use Dollar car hire.

#1: Properly-maintained cars

Any professional driver will confirm that a well-kept car serves you to your satisfaction. Maintaining a rented vehicle can sometimes be a hassle. That is especially true if you take it when it is not at its best. Dollar schedules regular maintenance on its cars to safeguard you from the troubles.

When you present yourself to take the car, you will find all the parts tested and proven roadworthy. That is something to care about, especially when renting to avoid the intricacies associated with car maintenance. Numerous customer reviews show that their fleet of cars meets set standards.

#2: Roadside Assistance

Dollar car rental breakdowns are unusual because these cars are well-maintained and have desired mileage. However, anyone can experience a vehicle breakdown. If that happens, you can take advantage of the Dollar Car Rentals Roadside Assistance program. Available 24/7, you are assured that you will never feel alone during such desperate times.

The program has two portions based on the services rendered. There is the Basic Emergency Roadside Service and the Premium Emergency Roadside Service. Under the Basic option, you can talk to an expert who would further guide on what to do next.

The Premium option is the most desired and covers a wide range of unexpected cases like:

  • Lost key service
  • Spare tire mounting service
  • Out of gas service
  • Keys locked in the car
  • 90-minute roadside service guarantee
  • Lights left on or dead battery
  • Travel interruption cost reimbursement – up to AED 3,500

The Dollar customer help desk is easily reachable whenever you have an emergency case. There are toll-free numbers, which ensures you are never alone.

And if you have general inquiries that you would like to make, please use the numerous channels provided, including social media, by phone, or email. Its FAQ section is also rich with helpful information.

#3: Save Money with Prepaid car rental

The comfort that you get when you rent a car in Dubai should not involve digging deeper into your pockets. Dollar allows you a significant saving opportunity when prepaying your rental with debit or credit card.

You should consider prepaid car rental because of the many benefits it offers. You get to save time at the reservation counter and a 15% off on the base rate.

However, it is essential to understand Dollar policies regarding canceling or modifying your reservation when prepaying. Canceling a prepaid rental incurs a fee. Nonetheless, all should work out just fine if you do not foresee any reason that might cancel the reservation.

Also, watch out not to reserve for someone else using your credit card or debit card. When you get to the reservation counter, you must produce the same credit card or debit card with which you paid online. The card should be in your name.

#4: Flexible Agreement

Dollar car rental maintains one of the most flexible contracts. As opposed to traditional finance where you commit to a four or five-year lease, Dollar keeps the agreed period brief. Depending on how long you want to rent, you can easily hand back your vehicle without incurring exit fees.

The car rental understands that you are probably not the only one planning to drive the vehicle. Thus, they have a broad classification of authorized drivers. The authorized driver is the renter and additional persons who sign the rental agreement. As an authorized driver, all you need to do is meet the age requirements and provide the necessary details asked.

Apart from authorized drivers, there is also the concept of additional authorized drivers that you might want to take advantage of.  To qualify as an Additional Authorized Driver, you need to pay a small additional driver fee besides meeting the minimum age requirement and having a valid driving license.

As a saving tip when renting a car, keep the number of drivers to a minimum. Doing so saves you the additional driver fee. However, there are some instances when Dollar waives the cost for a domestic partner, spouse, or corporate rentals.

#5: Enjoy your privacy

Everyone craves a little bit of privacy, if not more. The weekends and holidays are precious family time. Imagine cruising the city while seated several sits apart or telling family stories while a stranger is close.

There is no doubt that these conversations will get awkward, whether in public transport or a cab. Drive yourself, and you will get the desired privacy.

It gets worse when you are a couple. The romantic atmosphere gets diluted with the presence of other people. If you want to bond as you move throughout the city and talk about the places you have always wanted to visit, your best shot is to rent a Dollar car.

Dollar car rental understands that your privacy comes first. That is why it has one of the strictest data protection and policies. The personal details captured when making a reservation do not get to third parties. Thus, you receive assurance that your inbox will not fill up with spam emails.

The Bottom Line 

You can always contact Dollar customer care to resolve your inquiries regarding rental vehicles. More so, you will get the cheapest car rental in Dubai while booking with Dollar rent a car.

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