Car Hire from Palace Hotel Downtown

Published by Rental Cars UAE

Plan your holiday, make reservations and rent a car in Dubai for a lifetime experience. Twenty minutes away from the Dubai International Airport and in the proximity of Burj Khalifa stands The Palace Downtown Dubai. Take a comfortable ride availing the hotel’s excellent car rent facility and find yourself graced with true Middle Eastern hospitality at the grand two hundred and forty two rooms and suites hotel. You don’t even need to find a car rental in Dubai firm to serve you because we are there.

Our experienced staff is always present to attend to you upon your arrival, neither do our chauffeurs keep you waiting at the airport terminal for your rent car nor do our management and in-premises staff. We excel in entertaining our guests to a Middle Eastern treat, with courtesy and grace, be it rent a car in Dubai offer or a quick and efficient room service.

In all Arabian character, the interior of The Palace Downtown Dubai certainly lands you in one of your own Arabian Nights tales. As the rent car brings you to our doorstep, enter through the keyhole doors into a dreamland for your desired holiday comforts and luxuries. Lit with the Moroccan lanterns and lined with sophisticated woodwork, the setting is designed to create a rich Middle Eastern ambiance in the magnificent hotel.
Along with the car lease facility the hotel provides various other services; make yourself at home with free access to high speed WiFi and in-room Nespresso machines, enjoy your morning coffee at the restaurant or at your balcony with an absolutely enchanting view, relax in the hot waters or the fitness center, stay cozy in your room or perhaps take a walk to the Dubai Mall for some shopping, it takes no more than five minutes.

The lakeside location of The Palace Downtown Dubai adds to the scenic views and freshness to compliment the Middle Eastern clubhouse feels of the hotel. The Business Center at The Place makes an excellent accommodation for business tour to couple with a nice holiday out abroad for you. The hotel is a short distance away from the Dubai World Trade Centre and other premier financial institutions of the city, our car hire service is available at all hours. You can always be on time for your appointments having a car rental in Dubai with us. Let the formal meetings aside, the facility runs all the time for your pleasure trips around the city.

Make your way to the Dubai Marina or relish a day at the Water Park, have a night out or spend the day at the beach, we make travel easier and tours more fun with an efficient car hire service. Enjoy your holiday because the big question of finding a rent a car in Dubai needs no longer to be answered. The Palace Downtown Dubai makes it sure that you spend a quality time on your holiday or business tour. The most soulful accommodation with comforts and luxuries per your desire, provision of car rent to drive you off and to the airport, easy access to any recreational point or business hub in the city and the most convenient car lease service. Do contact us if you are planning some tours and want the best car rental service. We provide all holiday requisites in Middle Eastern flair.