What are the common Rules to Rent a Car in UAE?

The most important thing about planning a trip to Dubai to think practically about transport. Whether you are relying on public transport. If you are much active and energetic to get hassle in the rubble and bubble in hectic crowd. Where your shoulders are hitting with the bones of other persons and get hurt or you want a comfy, relax and easy journey because it is your trip that possibly happens once in a year.

So, I think it is impossible to compromise for your conveyance then renting a car would be your best option. Before you go through Google for the best vehicle, here is all you need to know about rent car rules in the UAE. Actually, this will guide you also in case if you are a resident in the UAE

1- Driving License

If you are a resident in the UAE, they must keep in mind you will need a valid UAE driving license. An international driving license can also be helpful for such occasions in case if you are a tourist and staying on a visit visa. Moreover, if you possess a European or GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) driving license, you may easily rent a car with it as far as you stay on the visit visa, which is a plus point to get a rental car in Dubai.


2- Driving Outside the UAE

It is abiding by to drive a rental vehicle outside the UAE’s border if its legality belongs to UAE only. If you are planning to visit Muscat by car let suppose then you will have to go along with someone who possesses the ownership of that car.

3- Minimum Age Limit

Your age limit to hold a car for driving in Dubai must be 18 years old, but to rent a car you must be 21 years old and your driving license must be 6 months older over 21 years old.

4- Fines and Salik Charges

All fines and penalties that will be charged by the rent a car company to the driver’s final receipt. As for Salik, (Dubai toll collection system) will also get mentioned on the final billing deed. You can better gather data about Salik info, visit

5- Insurance Policy

In the UAE, almost all car rental companies proposals Collision Damage Waiver including all types of car rental prices. Hence, always reassure what is included in the company’s policy before you fix a deal. Furthermore, a point to keep in mind if you are getting a car below the market rate then reconfirm; is insurance included or excluded? Must prefer an insured rental car rather than paying any additional charges later in case of an accident or mishap.

6- Security Deposit

Every company has the rule to issue you a rental car in case you deposit a security fee. Because if there is any damage, collision or any other harm to the car then car rental companies can claim the loss if it will not recoverable even from insurance of the car.

  • Point to Ponder

You have come to know all the rules about rent a car in Dubai. Thus, it is the perfect time to get a vehicle of your own choice. Log on to and browse for all the best car deals opted according to your choice and desire. If you are planning a trip you must go through our competitor’s rates on car rental globally.

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