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  • 1600 AED / Month 1300 AED / Month
  • 120 AED / Day 50 AED / Day
  • 1450 AED / Month
  • 65 AED / Day
25% OFF
  • 2000 AED / Month 1490 AED / Month
  • 100 AED / Day 65 AED / Day
28% OFF
  • 2100 AED / Month 1500 AED / Month
  • 100 AED / Day 70 AED / Day
30% OFF
  • 2300 AED / Month 1600 AED / Month
  • 160 AED / Day 80 AED / Day
35% OFF
  • 2800 AED / Month 1800 AED / Month
  • 170 AED / Day 75 AED / Day
18% OFF
  • 2700 AED / Month 2200 AED / Month
  • 230 AED / Day 90 AED / Day
16% OFF
  • 3000 AED / Month 2500 AED / Month
  • 200 AED / Day 90 AED / Day
21% OFF
  • 3200 AED / Month 2500 AED / Month
  • 200 AED / Day 90 AED / Day
  • 3200 AED / Month
  • 110 AED / Day
10% OFF
  • 5000 AED / Month 4500 AED / Month
  • 370 AED / Day 250 AED / Day
  • 9000 AED / Month
  • 400 AED / Day
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About Our Car Rental Company

We are a reliable and an easy to approach rental company in UAE with a quality experience in the field.

Our priority is to provide our customers with transparent and user-friendly services because we believe in making strong customer relationships. This is why; we have been trusted by many people who have rented cars from us.

There is a variety of vehicles available on our car rental app including SUVs, Sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers, and luxury cars. All you need to do is to choose a car of your choice and our experienced assist you with the best customer service around-the-clock to fulfill your requirements.

Not only that but also we make it convenient for you to get your car delivered to your place with no delivery cost so that you don’t have to bother visiting our office for the car collection.

Also, the company offers competitive prices that will make your travel experience hassle-free. If you are looking for an affordable solution to rent a car in Dubai, Rental Cars UAE is your answer.

About Us

No Additional Fees

Our agreement is simple and open. There will be no additional fees; we will only charge you in accordance with the terms and conditions highlighted in the contract. There are no additional costs, such as booking or pausing fees, and the contract is straightforward, making the total price always clear.

24/7 Customer Service

For us, customer support is the key to success. That's why we offer superior and highly cooperative professional customer service, which is available 24/7.

Fleet for Exclusive Rentals

We have got exclusive fleets of cars to make your Dubai tour better. From Rolls Royce to Ferrari and Audi. We’ve got a list of some of the most exclusive cars that exist in the market of UAE

Cheap Rental Car Rates

No matter what sort of vehicle you want, we can meet your demands since we are delighted to provide you with the best car hire deals. Our fleet consists of different models at affordable prices, so we can help you find the ideal car for your excursion.


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Ananya Singh rented Hyundai Accent
I hired a car from them, and I must say, the service provided by the team was exceptional. They were always on hand whenever I had a problem and was very helpful throughout the process. They also have a wide variety which making it easier for me to find a car that matched my budget and other requirements.

Avatar Image

Roger R. rented Chevrolet Aveo
I regularly visit Dubai and have been using the services with them. I don’t see myself changing my option any time soon as they are very flexible in terms of changing a plan and the availability of cars. All the staff is quick and professional. Moreover, they are available in different locations, so irrespective of where I’m staying in Dubai, it is easily accessible and convenient for me.

Avatar Image

Christie Kyle rented Kia Seltos
Excellent and prompt service, they are true professionals. The cars are in up-to-date condition and they even have the latest models. This way I get to drive a brand-new car of my choice at an affordable price. They are flexible in terms of their plans, so whether I need to rent a car for one day or a month, I know I can count on them.

Avatar Image

Kaylee Britto rented Hyundai Creta
While I’ve used many companies in the last couple of months, it is safe to say that this company has got the best policies for its customers. My work entails traveling long distances within UAE and I wanted a company that would offer me a good price in terms of mileage. They were very accommodating and drew a plan that conveniently met all my requirements. I would highly recommend them for all your car rental needs in Dubai.
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